Sewer Line Inspection in Fayetteville, NC

Nothing Gets Past Us

There’s only one thing worse than a sewage problem: a sewage problem that you can’t see!

That’s the beauty behind Blanton’s sewer line inspections in Fayetteville, NC. Using a camera to inspect your sewer line, we’ll get to the bottom of what’s wrong with your pipes. Whether it’s a clog or a leak, we’ll repair your sewer line and get your pipes working just as they should be. Don’t try to guess where the problem is and compromise your yard in the process. Let our camera be the eyes of your system and do all the work for you!

Zoom in on the Benefits

When there’s a problem with your sewer line, nothing resolves the issue faster than a sewer line inspection. Using a video camera to inspect your pipes allows you to:

  • sewer line inspection fayetteville ncProtect your property. Years ago, plumbers would have to dig up large portions of your yard just to find the problem. Thanks to video camera technology, you’ll know what’s wrong without having to dig first.
  • Saves time. The faster we identify the problem, the faster we can fix it. A sewer line inspection allows you to skip the guesswork and save valuable time.
  • Saves money. Having your yard dug up isn’t just rough on the eyes. It’s rough on your finances, too. Video camera technology can save you thousands of dollars and will deliver 100 percent accuracy in the diagnosis.
  • Repair with confidence. Plumbers used to repair sewer lines without knowing for sure if the approach would work. Using a video camera, our plumbers will know exactly what’s wrong with your pipes and how to fix them.
  • Take a preventive approach. Why wait until the problem spirals out of control? A sewer line inspection will detect minor problems with your plumbing that can become major ones down the road. Blanton’s will help you stay one step ahead by inspecting your sewer line regularly. 

We’re Your Sewer Line Experts

We do much more than just inspections. From sewer line replacements to sewer pipe repairs and sewer drain cleanings, Blanton’s is your one-stop solution for all things plumbing. We use the most advanced technology and practices to keep your system in tip-top shape. Everything we do—from approach to execution—puts your best interests first.

Blanton’s provides sewer line inspections in Fayetteville, NC, and the surrounding communities, including:

  • Aberdeen, NC
  • Fort Bragg, NC
  • Pinehurst, NC
  • Southern Pines, NC
  • Spring Lake, NC
  • Wade, NC
  • …And beyond!

Visit our service area page to see the rest of our stomping grounds.

We’re Your Expert Plumbers!

Plumbing problems aren’t always cut and dried (especially not dried!). Having trouble with that leaking faucet? Not sure what’s causing your drains to back up? Don’t call it quits—just call the experts at Blanton’s!

We can help you with all of your plumbing needs, including:

Visit our plumbing page to see a complete listing of our plumbing services.

Schedule Sewer Line Inspection in Fayetteville, NC

There’s no better way to protect your pipes than with a sewer line inspection. Stop guessing about what’s disrupting your plumbing and start getting answers with Blanton’s.

Schedule an appointment online to arrange your sewer line inspection. To learn more about our sewer camera technology or to speak with a representative, call Blanton’s at 910.722.4052 or contact us online today.

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