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Losing your heat during a cold spell is like getting a flat tire on the highway. Everything else gets put on the backburner until you can fix what’s right in front of you.

Rather than taking matters into your own hands, count on the professionals at Blanton’s Air, Plumbing & Electric. We’ve spent decades servicing all types of heaters and will quickly bring back the heat you’ve lost. Our job is to make your home comfortable and much better than it was yesterday. And with our trusted heating repair service, that’s exactly what we’ll do.

When Should I Call for Heating Repair?

More often than not, you’ll know when you need professional heating repair. But if you’re still unsure, here are some things to look out for:

  • Unusual noises coming from your system
  • Higher-than-normal energy bills
  • Poor indoor air quality
  • Inadequate heating and poor system performance

Don’t wait for the problem (and the cost) to escalate. Call us at any time to have one of our trained technicians examine your heater and determine the problem.

We Bring Back Heat in a Hurry—24/7

professional heating repairs fayetteville ncA problem with your heater is frustrating enough. But a problem in the middle of the night? That’s the bottom of the barrel.

But just because you lose heat at the worst possible moment, this doesn’t mean you should stay uncomfortable in your own home. And with Blanton’s residential heat emergency repair in Fayetteville, NC, you’ll never have to. One of our representatives is always available to take your call. No electronic prompts, no miscommunication. Just fast and reliable service to ensure the outcome you need—and deserve.

If Repair Isn’t the Answer, We’ll Help You Find It

Repairing your heater can sometimes be cost prohibitive. If your system is more than 15 years old and/or needs frequent repair work, an upgrade might be the smarter choice. You won’t have to worry about unexpected breakdowns, expensive repairs and all the other headaches that come with owning an older system.

Other reasons to upgrade your outdated heater include:

  • Lower energy bills and improved energy efficiency
  • Better indoor air quality
  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • Zoning and programmable thermostat capabilities
  • Quieter operation

No matter what you need, Blanton’s provides complete heating services in Aberdeen, NC, and throughout our service area. We specialize in quality heating installations that look out for your budget, comfort expectations, home layout and more. You’ll discover a new level of comfort and energy savings that can’t be achieved with an older system. So if your heater is on its last legs, don’t pour money into it. Blanton’s will help you save more in the long run with an energy-efficient, all-powerful heating system.

Schedule Professional Heating Repair With Blanton’s

During the colder months, few things are more precious than heat. That’s why Blanton’s is here to make sure you have it.

Schedule an appointment online for your professional heating repair service in Fayetteville, NC. Or to speak with one of our team members, call Blanton’s at 910.722.4052 or connect with us online today.

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