Indoor Air Quality

What’s In Your Air?

Did you know that indoor air is up to seven times as polluted as outdoor air? Most people are surprised to hear this…and rightfully so!

As the area’s complete comfort provider, Blanton’s offers everything you need to conquer poor air quality. It’s our way of making sure residents are not only comfortable in their homes, but also safe.

Out of Sight, Out of Mind, Right?

Wrong. You might not be able to see what’s polluting your air. But this doesn’t mean it’s not affecting you and your family. Polluted indoor air contributes to respiratory infections, asthma and allergies, and can even exacerbate lung disease. If you have infants or seniors living in your home or your family suffers from respiratory conditions, it’s especially important to address indoor air pollution.

At Blanton’s, we care about the air you breathe. That’s why we use a thorough diagnostic process to eliminate guesswork and choose the right solution for your home.

Diagnosing & Treating Indoor Air Pollution With HomeAdvice

Before we can treat your air, we need to know what’s wrong with it. That’s the beauty of HomeAdvice. This diagnostic process involves three simple steps:

  • Blanton’s places a monitor in your home for a period of three to five days. Data is automatically transmitted to our data center through the cellular network or a phone line.
  • Data is evaluated and matched with the best possible solutions.
  • Our indoor air quality consultant returns to your home with a full, detailed report from HomeAdvice.

Once you have all the facts and discuss your report with a Blanton’s technician, we offer three proven methods to improve your indoor air quality, including:

  • Source Control
    This tactic involves taking the necessary steps to decrease or eliminate the various causes of indoor air pollution in your home.
  • Ventilation
    The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommends that homes (particularly newer, well-sealed homes) use some form of mechanical ventilation to ensure adequate air exchange with the outdoors. While opening windows can help, weather conditions don’t always allow this. Even when windows are open, air exchange may be minimal due to positive outdoor pressure. Your Blanton’s technician will share how you can properly ventilate your air to eliminate pollution and improve its overall quality.
  • Air Purification
    Air purification helps you achieve your IAQ goals. Although HVAC filters protect equipment health, they don’t have the same effect on human health. Furthermore, older duct systems inhibit IAQ by acting as a breeding ground for mold and bacteria. To combat these problems, North Carolina residents are installing air purification technology in their homes. Blanton’s offers a wide range of indoor air purification systems, each with its own distinct advantages. Your technician will work with you to determine which system will best serve your home or business.

Schedule Your IAQ Test With Blanton’s

We never rely on guesswork with your indoor air. Using the AirAdvice for Homes™ program, we’ll tell you exactly what’s in your air. Designed to “make the invisible visible,” this system uncovers the hidden truths of IAQ and waste issues in your home.

Schedule your air quality test with Blanton’s today. To learn more about our indoor air quality services or to speak with a representative, call Blanton’s Air, Plumbing & Electric at 910.722.4052 or contact us online.

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