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Programming Your Thermostat? Consider These Energy Efficient Tips

Programmable thermostats offer many benefits to homeowners in North Carolina. With a programmable thermostat, you can save up to 10 percent of heating and cooling costs every year. However, just the presence of a programmable thermostat will not save money on its own. Programming your thermostat for maximum energy efficiency will provide the greatest long-term savings.

Before installing a programmable thermostat, choose the thermostat with settings that fit your schedule. Thermostats typically come in 7-day models, 5+1+1-day models and 5+2-day models. If your schedule changes daily, choose a 7-day model. For a set schedule during weekdays and on weekends, choose a 5+2 model. For different settings on weekdays and Saturdays and Sundays, choose a 5+1+1 model.

For maximum energy savings, use the following guide when programming your thermostat:

  • Set the heat temperature at least 8-10 degrees lower during the day when you are away at work or school. Program the cooler temperature to last for at least eight hours.
  • Set the warmer temperature to start just before you get home from school or work. If you use a whole-house humidifier in conjunction with a programmable thermostat, you can save even more energy because humid air feels warmer to the body.
  • Set the heat temperature 8-10 degrees cooler at night. Start cooling the home right at bedtime. Program the night temperature to remain for 8-10 hours. Program the thermostat to warm the house just before you wake up.
  • Set the weekend settings based on your weekend schedule. Ensure the cooler settings remain for at least eight hours.
  • Use the vacation or “hold” feature while away from home. This will prevent energy waste, and will return the temperature to a comfortable level just before you arrive so you return to a warm house.
  • Replace the batteries in the thermostat once a year. This will ensure the programs come on at the specified times.

For more information about programming your thermostat for energy-efficiency contact us at, Blanton’s Heating and A/C. We can offer expert advice about programmable thermostats that will help you save energy and money.