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Your Air Conditioner's Efficiency Depends On Sizing, So Get A Professional Evaluation First

If you are in the market for a new air conditioner, it’s a good idea to get a professional evaluation conducted on your home. Selecting an air conditioning system that’s the correct size is critical. The size of your system will determine its ability to cool your home through its life, and also could affect how well it removes moisture. So, before you buy any new equipment, take the time to choose a contractor who will give you a professional evaluation of your home.

One potential mistake is buying an air conditioner that’s too big (or too small) for your home. If it’s too big, it likely will cost more to operate and will have trouble removing moisture from your home, since it doesn’t stay on long enough. A system that’s too small, on the other hand, will have to work too hard to cool your home, and won’t do it efficiently. In that case, you’ll also end up with higher electric bills.

It’s a good idea to have the contractor carry out the evaluation before he installs the air conditioner into your home. Your contractor should take the following elements into consideration when he performs the evaluation:

  • Climate: The climate you live in should be considered. If it isn’t, your new system could run less effectively than it needs to.
  • Home Size: The size of your home is a huge factor in correctly sizing your air conditioner.
  • Insulation: The amount of insulation, its R-Value and the amount of air that leaks from your ducts need to be figured out.
  • Windows: The location and type of windows is a big factor when sizing a home for the correct air conditioning system.
  • House Members: The number of people in your home will affect how often your new air conditioner is used. The more occupants, the more your equipment will be on, and vice versa.
  • Preferences: You may like your home to be a certain temperature. Your preferred comfort is one of the most important factors.
  • Lights: The lights in your home produce heat, so they need to be considered.

A professional evaluation is crucial when choosing the right system for your home. The experts at Blanton’s Heating and A/C are trained to help you select a quality system for your home. Contact us today for further assistance. We have been proudly serving the Fayetteville area for more than 50 years.