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The Flexibility Of Ductless Mini Splits Make Them A Viable Solution In Most Any Situation

Some spaces are difficult to keep warm or cool, especially those that your main network of air ducts doesn’t serve. If you’re dealing with a space like this, a ductless mini split could be the comfort solution you’re looking for.

Ductless mini splits are small, convenient units that heat or cool a space without relying on ductwork or your main HVAC system. Like a conventional air conditioner, a mini split has an outdoor compressor and an indoor unit. A small hole is made in your wall, and a cable is passed through, connecting the two.

Mini splits are controlled on site, independent from your main thermostat. This allows you to save energy by not heating and cooling the space if it doesn’t require it. It also allows occupants of the room to adjust the comfort to their preferred levels, which is helpful if it’s installed in a guest room.

Their flexibility makes them ideal for heating or cooling spaces such as:

  • Apartments or condos
  • Finished attics or basements
  • Recently built rooms or additions
  • Guest rooms
  • Rooms in houses that have radiant heating, wood stoves or space heaters

If you’re trying to heat and cool several rooms, or an entire new wing of your house, some ductless mini splits give you the option of connecting multiple indoor units to one outdoor compressor. The connecting cables are simply lengthened.

Some models are even equipped with air filters, meaning you can get filtered air to a space even if your main ventilation system doesn’t serve it.

The best way to select a ductless mini split is to have the heating and cooling needs evaluated for the space you’re trying to condition. The process should be performed by your contractor, who will then be able to size your new mini split accordingly. Your contractor will also point out the most effective locations for installing the indoor unit. Many can be installed out of the way, on the wall near the ceiling.

Call Blanton’s Heating & A/Cif you have questions about ductless mini splits. We’re happy to provide creative comfort solutions to Fayetteville area homeowners.