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Is Your Family Suffering With Not Enough Outlets? Here's 5 Things To Know About Adding New Outlets To Your Home

Ready to add new outlets to your home? Not without reading this article, you aren’t!

In our increasingly technological world, it’s a very common problem: not enough outlets! If you and your family are frustrated with the lack of electrical outlets in your home, you’re not alone. Many households, especially those living in old homes or houses that haven’t been updated in years, have a lack of adequate electrical outlets. If you want to add outlets to your home, there are a few things you should know. Read on to discover what the pros know about home outlet upgrades… and what you need to consider if you are considering taking on this home improvement project.

Short Term Solutions For Not Enough Outlets

Before you invest time and resources to electrical upgrades, consider a simple and cost-effective solution: A power strip. A power strip is an extension of your traditional wall outlets; it plugs into the outlet and contains a panel with additional outlets. Although it may not solve all of your outlet problems, it can certainly help. Be sure you’re using it safely by following these two rules:

  1. Never connect multiple power strips.
  2. Never use high capacity or high-energy items with a power strip; instead, plug them directly into the outlet. Examples of high capacity appliances are space heaters and humidifiers.

Questions To Ask When Adding New Outlets To Your Home

Unfortunately, a power strip is not always sufficient. For example, you may need an outlet halfway up a wall, or in a far-reaching corner of your kitchen. If you want to upgrade your existing electrical system, you may choose to work with an electrician to install new outlets in your home. Here are the things you — and your electrical contractor — should consider when planning the project.

  1. Does Your Home Need An Electrical Inspection Or Greater Electrical Upgrades?
    If your home is old, or the electrical has never been updated, this job may require more than a few extra outlets. Here are some more signs that it’s time to get a complete electrical inspection and consider the scope of work.

  2. How Many Outlets Can You Install? And How Far Should They Be Spaced?
    City or county codes will dictate safe standards for outlet installation. If you’re working with an electrical contractor, they will help you navigate these regulations, and acquire any necessary permits. If you are doing the work yourself, you’ll want to research local government mandates, rules, and requirements before you start the work.
  3. What Height — And Where — Should The Outlets Be?
    Many outlets are installed near or around the baseboard of your home. But is that the best place for them? If you’re installing an outlet in a bathroom, it might be more efficient to have it at counter height — this is helpful for hair dryers and electric razors. Kitchens may benefit from outlets in center islands; your blender or food processor gets the most play wherever you do your food prep. In your living room, a floor outlet is a clever way to power floor lamps; you can even hide the cord under a tasteful rug.
  4. Do You Need USB Ports?
    Many outlet panels now offer USB converters. And let’s face it: For those of us who feel permanently attached to our devices, a quick-charging option is crucial. USB ports allow you to plug your tablet or phone directly into the wall. While this is not necessary, many find it useful, and a tasteful solution to device management.
  5. Do You Need Bluetooth Outlets?
    A smart home that’s powered by Bluetooth technology will benefit from outlets that can keep up! A smart outlet will allow you to control your home’s electronics and lights from afar, with a remote or your phone. These outlets cost more upfront, but they may be worth the upgrade over time.

If you constantly complain of not enough outlets, it’s definitely worth your while to upgrade your home electrical system. As far as household projects go, this is a relatively straightforward (and inexpensive) one. Not only will it make life easier and more efficient for you and your family, adding new outlets can increase the resale value of your home. Do you have questions about the process? Contact the friendly professionals at Blanton’s today.

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