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Electrician checking an electrical outlet with Voltage Meter

5 Tips For Hiring An Electrician So You Find The Right Person For The Job

When it comes to electrical work, finding the right person for the job really matters. Here’s how to hire a quality electrical technician.

Hiring a handyman or technician for home repair work can be a stressful experience. Between online customer reviews, your household budget, and a variety of other factors, it’s hard to find the “right” candidate. But your family’s safety and comfort is paramount, so it pays to do a little research before signing an agreement with a contractor. These tips for hiring an electrician will help you navigate a challenging decision, so you can rest assured that your important job will be done correctly, safely, and in a timely manner. Here are the major things you’ll want to keep in mind as you search for an electrician.

  1. Check your electrician’s certifications and licenses.
    Electrical work is intricate stuff — and it can be downright dangerous at times. We’re talkin’ crossed wires, shorted circuits, and blown fuses. Yikes! Your electrician should have received full and proper training from a reputable institution… and have proof. A technician (of any expertise) that refuses to show credentials and licenses is not one you should hire. Be sure to ask any follow-up questions you have about experience and licenses. The right electrician will be happy to answer them all.
  2. Is the electrician skilled in commercial work, residential work, or both?
    Not all electrical work is the same. Some technicians are trained in residential jobs, like wiring in a doorbell or making sure your kitchen fixture can be properly dimmed. Other electricians work in commercial spaces. While the general knowledge is the same, it pays to hire the person whose skills are best suited for your specific needs.
  3. Read online reviews, but keep an open mind.
    These days, everyone's a critic. We review everything from our latest takeout dinner to our morning cup of coffee. Skilled laborers are no exception, and many electricians, plumbers, and HVAC technicians now receive reviews on websites like These reviewing websites can be helpful for highlighting any red flags or major issues with a potential contractor. But remember that reviews only share one side of the story. If you feel positive about an electrician but fear a negative online review, ask them about it directly, and then make your decision.
  4. Discuss the electrician’s hourly rates, as well as any additional costs.
    What will you expect to pay for your technician’s work? Are there additional costs to labor (such as materials)? Money conversations can sometimes feel uncomfortable, but don’t hire an electrician until you know what they charge, and why. Smaller, independent contractors may also be willing to negotiate. It doesn’t hurt to ask, but keep a realistic and reasonable expectation in mind.
  5. Weigh your project timeline with the electrician’s availability and timetable.
    Most of us need electrical repairs and work done yesterday. How soon can your electrician start work? How long will it take to complete? Is there an additional charge for a rush job or emergency work? These are all questions you should ask — and receive honest, clear answers to. Knowing all of these variables, as well as any potential wrenches that may get thrown into the gears, will keep you from being surprised at the final bill.

As with all home repair and maintenance workers, an electrician is an important character in your home’s life story. Following these 5 tips for hiring an electrician will help you choose the right one for your needs. It’s also worth noting that sometimes you just “know” when a technician is a good fit. You should feel safe, comfortable, and taken care of when speaking to your electrician, plumber, or HVAC worker. That’s what we believe here at Blanton’s in North Carolina, and it’s what you deserve, too.

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