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Electrical wiring repair

6 Signs That It's Time To Think About Rewiring Your Home

Rewiring your home may seem like a huge undertaking. But if you see any of these signs, it’s time to do it.

Should you be thinking about rewiring your home? If you live in an older house and this is a question you’ve never considered, it’s likely that the answer is yes. Of course, new construction homes should have up-to-date and safe wiring. But if you’ve lived in your house for years and haven’t updated the electrical wiring system (or didn’t even know that was something you should do), now is that time to take a look. Rewiring your home can seem like an impossible task, but once you’ve identified the need, it can be as easy as calling in a professional and letting them do the heavy lifting. As a bonus, working with a professional means you can leave the dangerous work to someone who is trained in industry safety precautions.

It’s true that investing in a complete electrical system upgrade won’t be the cheapest investment you’ve ever made. Generally speaking, this service can cost thousands (although it is always worth it). Even if you don’t think the project is within your budget, you should talk to a certified technician about your options. Here are the signs to look for when considering whether or not to rewire your home.

The Lights Flicker Or Dim Sporadically

Does that living room light fixture always flicker when you turn it on? How annoying! But this could be indicative of a larger problem: a faulty wiring system that needs to be upgraded. First, ensure that the bulb is properly screwed into the fixture. If so, the problem could be in your electrical system, not the lamp or light. Similarly, a light that dims without prompting from you is a sign of trouble. Don’t suffer through these annoyances, as they could be signs of greater danger over time.

There Is A Burning Smell Coming From The Fixtures Or Units

This one seems obvious, but it’s easy to ignore. With so many room fresheners and scented candles (gotta love that calming lavender), many of us are in the habit of dealing with unpleasant scents by covering them up. If you’re noticing a burning or smoldering scent in your home, it could be a sign of faulty electrical wires.

You’re Receiving Shocks

Are you getting shocked when you turn on and off the light switches? That’s a sure sign you need to call in a professional ASAP. But the problem may occur in other places. For example: if you cook with electric rather than gas. In this instance, if touching a pot with a metal utensil gives you a shock, it’s high time you think about rewiring your home.

Your Light Sockets Are Discolored

Wasn’t that socket beige a couple of months ago? If your sockets are discoloring (often a brownish or rust color), this is a sign of small electrical fires sparking and burning behind the scenes. Yikes! This is an urgent invitation to look into home rewiring services.

Your Fuses Blow All The Time

All homeowners deal with blown fuses periodically. These are especially common in times of high power usage. But if you’re making the trip to your circuit breaker every week, that is not normal. Modern and safe electrical systems can handle a large volume of use, and if yours does not, it’s time to upgrade.

Your Home Is Old

Even if everything seems ship-shape, older homes are in need of upgrades. Many safety and efficiency enhancements have been made within the last few decades. As a homeowner, you should take advantage of them. If your electrical wiring system is more than 25 years old, you should upgrade it this year. Not only will it be safer, you may be surprised at the reduced costs in your energy bill!

Rewiring your home is a task that will increase your house resale value in the future. It will also safeguard your family now. If you’re experiencing any of these problems, don’t ignore them. Unlike benign home annoyances, such as a squeaky door hinge, electrical problems are a sign of potential danger. And in these uncertain times, betting on a healthy and safe living environment is one of the smartest moves you can make.

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