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5 Ways to Pick a Charity to Nominate for "Answer the Call"

It’s that time again! Nominations are open for Blanton’s monthly program, “Answer the Call”. It’s a simple and straightforward way that we like to give back to our Fayetteville neighbors: first, our customers nominate worthy charities or organizations; of those nominations, 3 are chosen, and our customers vote on their favorite; and the winner gets a personal visit from the Blanton team and a $500 check.

But even if you’re excited to see a worthy cause get rewarded for their efforts, when you sit down at your computer to nominate a group, you may find yourself drawing a blank. Or you could have so many organizations that you want to nominate that it’s so hard to choose just one.

If you are ready to help make a difference in the world, but don’t know yet which organization you want to support, here are five ways you can choose your “Answer the Call” nominee:

1. Personal Involvement: Is a particular charity close to your heart because you work with them? Or did they help you or a loved one through a tough time? Nominate them. When you are directly involved with a charity, you know much more about them than most people, and so your praise comes highly regarded. It can also be a good way to thank them for what they have done for you.

2. The Cause They Champion: Is there an organization that stands out to you because their cause, what they stand for, and their mission statement line up with your own belief or desires? Show your support (and bring them to the attention of like-minded folks) with a nomination. You don’t have to be personally affected by a cause to be its champion.

3. How the Charity is Run: Sadly, not all organizations that claim to help people or better the world really do so. That’s why, when a charity or organization is exceptionally upstanding when it comes to how they use donations, how they utilize their employees and volunteers, or how involved they are in the community, a nomination is a good way to commend them.

4. Good Standing Within the Community: Have you often heard your friends and neighbors mention a specific organization that’s been active in the community? Do you know about a charity that’s been in operation for years and been a proud and active member of Fayetteville? When a charity or organization has the love and respect of the community, nominating them can be your way of reminding them how much they mean to us all.

5. Dedication to One Cause: Finally, think about how charities or organizations have championed the causes they chose. Have they remained faithful no matter how unpopular it may have made them, no matter how unpopular the cause became? Or have they changed as the fads have changed? Un-wavering support of one cause no matter what is a great way to determine how serious a charity is.

And these are just the reasons for picking a nominee that we could think of – you can use whatever reasoning or logic you’d like. In the end, the goal is to find and reward those who are doing great things in our community.

But we do rely on readers like you to nominate worthy organizations and causes. So if you have a minute or two, think of who you’d like to nominate, and then stop by our “Answer the Call” page to submit their name. Then follow us on Facebook and Twitter so you can find out who this month’s nominees are and cast your vote!

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