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5 Ways Your Home is Screaming for Temperature Zoning

Can you remember when seasonal temperature control meant moving your after-dinner conversation to the screened-in porch with a big glass of sweet iced tea? Maybe you remember crowding around the stove, soaking up the heat while Mama worked to get the salted ham and biscuits ready for breakfast on a cold winter morning.

Those were the good old days – right? Here in North Carolina, we still enjoy a cold drink on the porch with friends and family at the end of a long summer day, but new technology and temperature zoning makes it easier to keep every room in your home comfortable – month after month, season after season.

Temperature zoning is a system that gives you control over the temperature in each room of your home. For example, you might want bedrooms cooler than the family room, or vice versa. Individual adjustments keep your upper floors from overheating without under-heating the main floor.

Not sure if your home and family would benefit from temperature zoning? You need to talk to one of our Blanton’s home comfort specialists if:

  1. You notice hot or cold spots in some rooms. If you have one or more rooms that are never the right temperature, your system isn’t working as effectively as it could.
  2. You live in a multistory home, or at least part of your living space is underground, like a finished basement. Heat naturally rises; this means that upper floors tend to be warmer than the rest of your home. If your thermostat is on the ground floor, your upper level is almost certainly a few degrees hotter than the ground level.
  3. Your family members have different internal thermometers. Do you like it cold and your spouse likes it hot?
  4. Humidity is an issue. Do any of your rooms feel stuffy, like you oughta open the window to air it out?
  5. Your system doesn’t maintain a comfy temperature. Do you find it difficult to control the temperature when more people are at home? Is it harder to control your indoor temp throughout the day, depending on whether it is sunny or cloudy?

If you recognize any of these troublesome patterns, your home is screaming for temperature zoning. Contact the home comfort specialists at Blanton’s for more information about our state of the art zoning technology.

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