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Annual HVAC Maintenance – 3 Reasons It Benefits You

Although it’s already winter, the new year has just started and it is a good time to schedule that annual HVAC maintenance. Scheduling such maintenance can benefit you in three major ways:

  1. Annual maintenance catches potential problems before they become emergencies. For example, it’s an emergency when a winter storm is approaching and your furnace suddenly refuses to heat your home. Emergency calls from HVAC technicians can be very expensive, and are often much more costly than a routine maintenance call.
  2. A yearly heating and air conditioning tune-up can help you save money in energy costs over the long term. A routine service call can find issues with duct leaks, thermostat settings or calibration, and clogged condenser coils — all of which rob your HVAC system of efficiency, and you of energy dollars.
  3. Routine professional maintenance also ensures the safe operation of your system. During the annual checkup, your technician will check all electrical components for proper function, tighten loose belts, and lubricate motors and bearings. This not only ensures system safety, it ensures the safety of your family.

Don’t put off this important service. Procrastinating can lead to higher energy bills, cold or hot spots in your house, a shortened life for your HVAC system, or even safety issues for your family.

If you need HVAC maintenance in the Fayetteville area, contact Blanton’s Heating & A/C. We’ve been serving Fayetteville, NC & the Surrounding Areas since 1951.

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