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Before You Embark on Duct System Design, Bust These 4 Myths

Even if you have the most efficient air conditioner on the market, your home won’t be comfortable if the duct system delivering your cooled air isn’t designed correctly. While there’s significant agreement in the HVAC industry on best practices in duct system design, there are a few myths. When you’re replacing your cooling system, cover these four points with your contractor:

1. Can a rule of thumb be used when it comes to sizing return registers? The answer is no. Some contractors consider 1 square foot per ton an accurate measure. This method, however, can lead to problems including poor airflow, noisy registers and duct leakage.

2. If Manual D is used to design a duct system, will it automatically be self-balancing? This isn’t necessarily the case. Theoretically, every room in your home that has a supply register also has a return register. But this is rare. Your duct system must be tested after your new system is installed and properly balanced according to the unique specifics of your home.

3. Can you expect a dramatic improvement in comfort and performance if you seal your duct system? It is true that sealing your duct system can stop costly air leakage. But your duct system also needs to be properly sized to have any dramatic effect your home comfort and system performance.

4. How much does the location of supply outlets matter? It matters a lot, because poor location can result in hot and cold spots, drafts and noisy operation. Your contractor must thoroughly understand the behavior of conditioned air.

Are you planning to replace your air conditioner this spring or summer? Make sure your HVAC-system contractor is thoroughly versed in duct system design. At Blanton’s Heating & A/C, we take pride in our products, our know-how and our commitment to customer service. Get in touch with us for any of your home-comfort needs. We serve residents of the Fayetteville area.

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