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Buying An A/C That Doesn’t Need R-22 Refrigerant: Good For You, Good For The Environment

If your home has had the same air conditioner for decades, now is the time to move up to a more energy-efficient model. Aging systems rely on R-22 refrigerant, a substance that is detrimental to the environment. To understand why you should be looking for an air conditioner upgrade, you need to know a little more about refrigerant and how it affects the ozone layer.


Refrigerants are organic compound known as chlorofluorocarbons, or CFCs. Anything that keeps air cold uses some form of this substance, including the old air conditioner that has been keeping the house cool for years. Not all refrigerants are alike, however. Manufacturers use a numbering system to help identify the chemical compound of various forms of refrigerant.

R-22 refrigerant and the ozone layer

The ozone layer is what protects us from the damaging effects of UV light coming from the sun. It took time for the scientific community to realize that we were causing damage to this natural barrier by releasing chemicals into the air. In an attempt to slow down deterioration of the ozone layer, governments around the world agreed to phase out the more dangerous refrigerant formulas like R-22.

What this means for you

Newer, energy-efficient systems are made without R-22, but older air conditioners may still rely on it. This means replacing your old A/C is something that has to be done eventually, but that is not bad news. A more efficient system will pay for itself in lower monthly bills. You can go to bed at night knowing you are doing something good for the earth and your pocketbook at the same time.

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