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Can a Gas Furnace Be an Energy Efficient Heating Option?

Whether you’re debating switching from an older gas furnace or if you’re considering installing a new one to meet your heating needs, the question on many homeowner’s mind is: Are gas furnaces energy efficient?

Energy efficiency is the gold standard in today’s heating equipment. Energy efficiency saves you money by lowering your utility bills (since you aren’t using as much energy to heat your home, after all).

When it comes to energy efficiency, gas furnaces don’t have the best reputation – but that doesn’t mean they can’t be energy efficient. So if energy efficiency in your heating is important to you, here are four factors to consider with your gas furnace, either the one you have or the one you’re thinking of installing:

1. Modulating Furnaces: Those gas furnaces that alternate between gas and electric are also a great option for those homeowners that are a bit leery of a full gas furnace. Because of the way they run, these furnaces keep your home at a more consistent temperature while staying energy efficient. Many homeowners also love them because they are quiet compared to other furnaces, even though they turn on and off frequently.

2. Energy Star Models: Many appliance companies have become highly dedicated to creating energy star models of all your favorite large home appliances, and gas furnaces are no different. For every inefficient gas furnace, there is an Energy Star model that can not only heat your home better, but also save you money and aggravation. These Energy Star models are built to save energy and be far more efficient than the older models that homeowners are familiar with. If you’re in the market for a new heating solution, an Energy Star gas furnace can save you hundreds of dollars each year and can make a world of difference.

3. Maintenance: A gas furnace can become incredibly inefficient from something as small as a dirty filter. It is incredibly important that homeowners take the time to care for their gas furnaces. Even if you do not have the knowledge to fix problems as they arise, homeowners can keep an eye out for any damage that needs to be repaired, any issues that may pop up, and any issues that should be addressed immediately. (You can also sign up for a preventative maintenance subscription, if you’d like a professional to keep an eye on your furnace.)

4. Efficiency Levels: Different furnaces have different efficiency levels. Those models that are built to be high efficiency models are going to save you money and hassle as are middle efficiency models. The key is finding a great furnace that is meant to save you money. To make sure you’re getting a high-efficiency model, talk to the Blanton’s team – we’ll make sure you get the right gas furnace you need that fits your budget.

Furnaces do not have to be the energy vampire that many homeowners think they will be. The furnaces of days past are gone and newer, more efficient models have taken their place. Gas furnaces a great and highly efficient option for anyone that wants a great heating system in their home.

If you would like a trusted HVAC professional to take a look at your current gas furnace or help you find a model that’s perfect for your home and budget, call us at (910) 822-2866. We are happy to help you on every step of the process.

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