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Cool Ways To Save Energy This Summer

With cooling season upon you, it’s time to start thinking about your summer energy bill. In an effort to stay comfortable, you may be tempted to simply let your A/C take over, but there are several ways that you can save energy and still keep your cool.

  • Laundry. Take advantage of the warm, sunny days in Fayetteville to hang your clothes outside to dry, rather than running your appliance. On the days that the dryer is necessary, be sure to run it full, and use the auto setting that senses when your clothes are dry. For washing, use cold or warm water rather than hot, and always set your rinse cycle to cold.
  • Cooking. Using your stove or oven not only uses energy to cook, but can also heat your home, causing your A/C to work even harder. Save energy by using your microwave more often, cooking meals on the barbecue, or choosing cold foods for the occasional meal.
  • Dishwashing. An energy-efficient dishwasher will use less water to wash a full load than washing by hand. And you can save even more energy by air drying, rather than using the heat dry setting.
  • Programmable thermostat. One of the best ways to save energy this summer is by using your programmable thermostat to control the temperature in your home. During the hours that you are away or sleeping, this unit will raise the temperature of your home and lower it again so you wake up or come home to a cool, comfortable environment.
  • Use fans. Ceiling fans can give you a much needed breeze and make the room feel cooler, allowing you to raise the temperature of your A/C.
  • Tune up your air conditioner. A well-maintained unit will run more efficiently than a neglected one. Be sure to have a tune up each spring, before the hot weather hits.

For more ideas on how to save energy this summer, give us a call at Blanton’s Heating and A/C. We have been proudly serving the residents of Fayetteville and the surrounding area for over 60 years.

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