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Get What You Need From Your HVAC System With A Zoning System

For one-thermostat households, it’s a familiar scenario: a warm summer evening and your bedrooms are freezing. Your thermostat, located downstairs and influenced by heat from the kitchen and a crowded family room, is keeping your central A/C running overtime. Separate levels or opposite ends of a residence may have diverse temperature requirements, and relying on a single thermostat to keep everyone in a house comfortable is like having one light switch for all rooms.

A zoning system allows your single HVAC system to serve different areas of your home with different comfort needs. Thermostats are located in the area they actually serve. Energy is not wasted on unoccupied areas of the home, while occupied areas are not over-heated or over-cooled. The most common residential configuration is a two-zone system—one for bedrooms and one for living areas.

In a typical system, the default damper position is always open. But with a zoning system, each zone has an independent thermostat. Based on how these thermostats are set, motorized dampers in the ducts of each zone allow or restrict the flow of conditioned air into that zone. Thus, you can adjust the temperature of an uncomfortable room in one zone without affecting the comfort of another.

Energy savings with zoning systems can be as much as 30 percent over a single-zone configuration. Use of programmable thermostats to preset the preferred temperature at specified hours of the day increases zoning efficiency. Because zoning systems also reduce the on/off cycling of HVAC equipment, zoning often results in longer lasting HVAC systems.

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