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Get Your Heating System Ready for the Winter Ahead

‘Tis the season: the season for Christmas trees, and hot cocoa, lit fires, and warm socks. The days are growing ever shorter, and the temperatures are growing cool, if not downright cold.

‘Tis the season: Winter is on the way, and Blanton’s Heating & Air wants to ensure your family’s warmth and comfort through the long winter days ahead.

‘Tis the season to winterize your heating system.

Give your HVAC a once-over.

Or, let us do it. Through boiling Carolina summers and brisk, breezy winters, your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system takes a beating. Have a certified HVAC service professional tune-up your heating system; an annual inspection will eliminate minor issues before they become major problems, and will ultimately improve the performance of the unit itself.

Have us change the filters while we’re at it.

Suddenly, the daily high temps aren’t so high. The amount of dust in your home seems to skyrocket. (The number of sneezes counted, too.) You can win the battle against fall allergies, and the impending dry winter air. Change your air filters. Change your filters regularly. You’ll breathe easier.

Don’t put the generator away just yet.

Everyone knows a generator is a must-have in eastern North Carolina. I’ll bet that most of you stick it back up in the attic or out in the garage come the end of hurricane season. If you must store it, store it close by. It pays to be prepared in the event of an ice or snow storm.

Install a digital thermostat.

Mercury-based thermostats are, truth be told, woefully unreliable. And your home may be equipped with one. The presence of a volatile mercury temperature sensor could lead to higher-than-intended ambient temperatures and thus higher heating bills.

Hire Blanton’s to clean your air ducts.

Your filters should be checked and cleaned regularly, and so should your heating ducts be checked and cleaned as needed. It’s all about proper care and maintenance. The HVAC experts at Blanton’s Heating & Air want what you want: To guarantee that only clean air flows into and through your home, to keep your family safe and warm this winter.

We’ll inspect your heating ducts for dents and dings, holes and missing parts; we’ll check belts and motors and electrical switches (oh my!), and we can talk to you for hours about thermostats. Just ask.

Don’t get caught in the cold. Call Blanton’s Heating & Air today.

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