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How Carbon Monoxide Detectors Protect Your Family

If your home uses combustible fuels for heating, cooking, water heating or drying clothes, you might be at risk for carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning. A carbon monoxide detector is your best defense against a build-up of this deadly gas. Even parking your cars in an attached garage can bring in this odorless, poisonous gas, especially after you button up your home for Fayetteville’s cold winter weather.

Reliable detectors are available at many retail outlets and detect unsafe levels. When selecting a detector, be sure to find one that has the UL label of approval printed on the packaging. You can choose carbon monoxide detectors that are battery-operated, or units that wire directly into your home’s wiring system. The hard-wiring detectors should have a battery-back up system. You’ll need to check the batteries frequently in the battery-only carbon monoxide detectors.

The Consumer Products Safety Commission recommends placing the detectors in each hallway of your home that has bedrooms, and on each floor of the home. Keep the detectors away from overly humid places like bathrooms. If you use gas for cooking or heating, do not install carbon monoxide detectors within 15 feet of the appliances.

When the alarm sounds, it’s a warning to tell you and your family, including your pets, to get out of your home immediately. Fresh air provides an immediate antidote. Once everyone is outdoors, ask them how they feel. If they have any nausea, headaches or report flu-like symptoms, call 911.

Unless the problem is easily solved — such as carbon monoxide buildup due to covering the floor of the oven with aluminum foil, or running a vehicle in the attached garage — you may need to call an expert to track down the problem. CO in the home is a serious issue that needs prompt attention.

Contact Blanton’s Heating & ACfor expert advice. Our team of trained HVAC service professionals and indoor air quality specialists can provide services that help you stay safe and comfortable this winter.

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