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Proper Maintenance for your Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning System

A heating, ventilating and air conditioning system, or HVAC system, maintains the thermal comfort within a home. An HVAC system also ensures ideal air quality when properly maintained. However, HVAC systems must be cleaned and serviced regularly in order to keep them in tip top condition. Maintenance of HVAC systems is not that difficult when you understand the steps involved.

  • It’s extremely important to inspect HVAC filters and replace dirty filters at least every six months or sooner if the filter is clogged with dirt. By properly maintaining HVAC filters, you ensure good air quality within your home.
  • Evaporator coil should be disinfected at least every six months. These coils can provide an optimal place for mold to grow and must be properly disinfected to prevent such growth. A solution of fifty percent bleach and fifty percent water can kill any mold that has grown on evaporator coils. Just make sure that you wear safety equipment and turn off the HVAC unit before disinfecting!
  • After disinfecting coils, they should be properly cleaned. Evaporator coils can easily become caked with dust and outdoor debris. Turn off the system and scrub the coils with an acidic cleaner.
  • Pools of standing water near air-intake vents should be cleaned up every six months. Standing water can easily grow mold so it’s extremely important to remove any excess water with a rag, especially on or near the roof. Although some water build-up is perfectly normal, if pools of water must be cleaned more than once every six months then your HVAC system likely needs some repair. Contact a fully licensed HVAC repair service professional such as Blanton’s Air for assistance.
  • Turn off the system and inspect the fans of your HVAC system every six months. Fans can become caked with dirt, lowering efficiency of the system and as well as air flow. Minor dust deposits can be removed with a clean damp rag while dried on dirt can be cleaned with a solution of mild soap and water.
  • It’s extremely important to have your HVAC system fully cleaned and inspected by a certified HVAC service professional at least every year. Professional cleaning ensures maximum efficiency of your HVAC systemand professional inspections will alert you of any issues before they can become a larger problem.

If you are looking for the best HVAC Company in or around Fayetteville, NC, look no further than Blanton’s Heating and Air. Please contact Blanton’s Airtoday for more information.

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