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Save Money & Help the Environment With a Home Energy Audit

Freezing temperatures of winter are here! It has been cold in the Fayetteville area. Now is the time for a professional energy audit. With a professional energy evaluation you will learn the exact energy efficiency of your home and steps you can take to improve it.

Although you might be tempted to perform a simple energy evaluation yourself, without the necessary tools and knowledge of a professional, you will not be able to accurately assess your home’s energy efficiency. All of the little things that you probably wouldn’t think to check or that you aren’t able to reach or access, can easily be inspected during a professional energy evaluation or audit.

Home Energy Audit Benefits:

  • Save money
  • Reduce your carbon footprint
  • Live more responsibly and more efficiently

Simply put, a professional energy audit gives you valuable insight into where your home is losing energy.

Before your professional energy evaluation you should prepare a list of any concerns or ideas that you might have about your energy loss. This list should also include information that will be helpful to the energy auditor.

Prepare Information For Your Energy Audit:

  • Particularly drafty rooms
  • Annual energy bill costs and patterns in energy consumption throughout the year
  • Whether there is enough insulation in the attic and basement
  • How many people live inside the home
  • Whether every room in the home is being used
  • Whether anyone is home during normal work hours
  • The average thermostat setting for the summer and winter months

Being prepared with this kind of a list will give your energy auditor a good idea of what to look for.

During a professional energy evaluation or audit a professional auditor will thoroughly check every room of your home. They will inspect the exterior of your house as well, taking into account all relevant information such as the number and size of the windows and the wall area. They will most likely ask you to do a walk-through of your home with them so that they can point out simple ways that you can more efficiently use your energy.

A professional energy evaluation or audit is a simple and easy way for you and your family to cut your energy costs and reduce the amount of energy that you waste. In fact properly conserving energy can save you between five and thirty percent on energy costs. For more information about energy audits please contact Blanton’s Air today.

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