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Sealing Your Ducts Will Stop Air Leaks That Waste Money And Energy

Did you know that you duct system can loose a significant portion of the heat energy produced by your heating system? Sometimes up to 60 percent of the heat produced by your furnace is lost through holes, leaks and other problems with your ductwork. Most homes lose about 20 percent of energy inside the duct system. Duct sealing can reduce the cost of heating your home, save a significant amount of energy and extend the life of your furnace.

Look for leaks and problems in the following areas:

  • Check the duct lines for holes, gaps and other leaks. Feel for air coming out of the ducts along the walls of the duct. Fill the holes with foil tape or mastic.
  • Replace old duct tape with foil tape. Duct tape gets brittle over time, which reduced its effectiveness.
  • Look for any kinks or missing areas of duct. Replace kinked ducts or missing ducts with new ducts.
  • Inspect the insulation on the ducts in the attic, crawlspaces or other un-conditioned areas of your home. Add additional insulation as necessary, and reattach fallen insulation.
  • Check for any blocks in the ducts near the return or supply vents to each room of your house. Remove any blocks and keep the vents open for maximum circulation.
  • Replace the filters in your duct system every three months, or more often if necessary. Clean filters help the air circulate better and provide a more energy-efficient duct system.
  • Remove any blocks from the return or supply vents in the rooms themselves, such as furniture or other objects blocking the vents. All vents should have clear entry into each room of the house.

For more information about duct sealing or other HVAC issues, contact us at Blanton’s Heating & A/C. We provide Fayetteville residents with expert HVAC care year round, and can help you make your home as energy-efficiency as possible.

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