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Still on a Dial Thermostat? Why You’ll Love a Smart Thermostat

Although many people may have taken the time to update their washer and dryer, countertops, and televisions, they have not realized what they are missing by not updating their thermostat. The old-fashioned dial thermostats may help homes control their temperature, but the latest smart thermostats take the technology to an entirely new level. Here are just some of the benefits this new technology offers homeowners.

Convenience and energy efficiency

The older thermostats typically had to be manually controlled, which meant that they frequently resulted in inefficient energy use. Without someone setting the thermostat, it could not be adjusted based upon the time of day. Even if later thermostats could be programmed, there would frequently be limitations on how many different settings could be designated.

Smart thermostats are highly programmable, often with the option of setting different temperatures for every day and up to four settings per day. Smart thermostats can also frequently be connected to smartphones or tablets, so that homeowners can program them even when they are out of the house. For instance, if you are coming in late tonight, there is no reason to have the thermostat kick on at 6; even from the office, you can adjust the temperature until your expected arrival. This adds an incredible amount of convenience and also helps save you money and energy.


Dial thermostats tend to be much less precise about keeping a steady temperature, and are unable to program different rooms in the house. New smart thermostats often help keep the temperature very consistent, some within .5 degrees or less. This enhances comfort by preventing the home from getting very cold followed by very warm. Smart thermostats also can often be programmed to have different settings for different areas of the home, reducing the amount of energy spent heating and cooling unused areas of the house. This will further help with energy efficiency.

Other benefits

Smart thermostats can be increasingly complex or simple, depending upon the needs of the homeowner. Some may enjoy additional benefits like outdoor weather displays, humidity control, and even the capacity to program the background with preferred wallpaper or even a family picture. The touchscreen displays are also easy to use, and the units are easily integrated with various heating and cooling systems.

When it comes to selecting the right thermostat for a home, it is important to consider the criteria for the right one. Not all thermostats are created equal. The type of thermostat you choose will have a large effect on the energy efficiency of the home and how comfortable the home remains. Smart thermostats are a fantastic way to integrate the latest technology and improve the comfort of the home.

If you are looking for more information or are interested in securing a smart thermostat for your own home, contact the home comfort specialists at Blanton’s.

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