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The Smart Decision When It Comes To Programmable Thermostats

Many folks are adjusting their thermostats for saving energy these days, and that’s smart to do. Get even smarter with a smart programmable thermostat, which takes the chore and guesswork out of changing temperature settings, and enjoy customized comfort unique to your lifestyle.

Smart programmable thermostats

Programmable thermostats are great tools that simultaneously help you save energy while maintaining comfort. With the latest technologies and features, smart programmable thermostats take it to the next level, giving you control via smartphone and online computer or tablet to make changes to settings, receive system alerts, and monitor indoor and outdoor conditions. These are some of the features:

  • Connect to your system via smartphone app and make appropriate adjustments for plans and weather changes.
  • Receive email and text alerts for system problems, like power outages, overheating, extreme temperature variance, low battery and check air filter.
  • Link your other compatible systems, such as humidification, dehumidification and ventilation.
  • Smart thermostats reach the target temperature setting at the scheduled time utilizing an intelligent recovery startup that “learns” the most energy-efficient way to accomplish this.
  • Sleeping in? Use a smart remote from bed to change settings to your liking.
  • Smart remotes read temperatures anywhere in the home and may signal the smart thermostat to adjust accordingly.
  • Smart remotes have zero interference with other wireless applications, like baby monitors, cell phones, cordless phones and WiFi signal.
  • Some smart programmable thermostats even go online to check utility prices and the weather, and adjust settings for the greatest efficiency and savings.
  • Smart thermostats are easier to program than ever, implementing large touchscreen displays with an intuitive tabbed interface, backlit for high visibility day or night.

Choosing your smart thermostat

Match your home-comfort systems with a compatible thermostat including the smart features that fit your needs. Thermostats are available for most heating and cooling systems. Note the type and manufacturer of your home-comfort systems for your heating and cooling pro. Better yet, schedule a preventive maintenance appointment for your systems.

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