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Tidying The Yard? Tend To Your Heat Pump, Too

It’s a beautiful time of year to get some fresh air while tending to your yard. Take a few moments to tend to your heat pump, too. With a little TLC, your heat pump will keep your loved ones cool all summer.

Your heat pump is a marvel of engineering. Rather than burning expensive fuel to make heat energy, heat pumps move heat from one location to another. During the cooling months, heat pumps remove heat from your home and blow it outdoors. This process repeats again and again until enough heat has been removed to leave your home nice and cool.

Adequate airflow is essential to the cooling (and heating) process, which aids the refrigerant and other key components in doing their part. These are a few tips to help maximize your system’s performance:

  • There should be no airflow obstructions within a few feet of the outdoor unit. This includes shrubs, fencing and garbage bins.
  • Keep leaves, grass clippings, debris and anything else that may inhibit airflow away from the unit.
  • The outdoor unit should be kept clean. Wash it with a water hose every so often. You may even use a mild soap, and finish it off with auto wax.
  • Take extra precaution not to strike the unit, pipes and electrical components when using landscaping equipment.
  • If you have a sprinkler system, position it so that no water contacts the unit, as chemicals like sulphur and chloride can deteriorate the unit over time.
  • During the heating months, don’t let ice and snow accumulate around or on the unit.
  • Change or clean your air filter as recommended by the manufacturer. Dirt buildup on an air filter is a common source for airflow obstruction.
  • You may want to clean the indoor blower blades and the evaporator coil as well. These components are responsible for cool air that circulates through your home.

Regular care and professional preventive maintenance are important for optimal home comfort, maintaining a long-lasting system and saving energy. Contact Blanton’s Heating & A/C for more home comfort tips. We’ve proudly served Fayetteville homeowners for more than 60 years.

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