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Ways to Save Energy During Winter

6 Easy Ways to Save Money on Your Winter Energy Bill

One of the chilliest times of the year happens to also be one of the most expensive. From hanging up holiday lights to staying inside to catch up on some television, it’s common that a homeowner will consume more energy in winter than any other time of the year. If you’re looking to cut back on your carbon footprint and save on your next energy bill, then here are some great tips to follow:

1. Switch to LED Bulbs

One of the best ways to save energy this season is to swap out any light bulbs in your home with LED bulbs. Granted, you might have made the switch a few years ago, but it doesn’t hurt to look around and see if you missed any!

The best part about LED bulbs is that they produce an incredible amount of light, for a fraction of the cost. Additionally, these magnificent bulbs also last for quite some time, definitely living up to that long-term investment value.

2. Bundle Up

Do you feel as if you’re using your heating unit a tad too much? If that’s the case, then you’ll notice a drastic increase when looking at your monthly energy bill. The solution to the problem at hand is simple: bundle up.

This not only keeps your body warm, but it also helps you feel less inclined to adjust the thermostat every five minutes. As an added bonus, you’ll be able to wear slippers around your home — always a nice, cozy benefit.

3. Drink Hot Beverages

Another way to cut costs on your energy bill is to start drinking more hot beverages! Whether you’re drinking coffee, tea or hot chocolate, this will be the perfect way to increase your body temperature and defeat the cold once and for all. Of course, if you’re not a fan of any of these beverages, then you can definitely eat a hot meal, instead.

4. Open the Blinds

Granted, even though it’s not the summer sunshine you’re typically used to, the winter sun is pretty powerful and will certainly be useful! If you’re looking to heat up your home without relying too heavily on your heating unit, then this will be the best alternative.

To get the most success out of this method, you’ll want to open up the blinds/curtains in rooms where the sunshine is pretty powerful throughout the day. Within approximately ten-to-fifteen minutes, you’ll instantly feel the room heating up. This is definitely the best heating alternative, which will keep your energy consumption at bay all season long.

5. Opt for Board Games

Thinking about turning on the television to watch a movie or play some video games? If that’s the case, then you might want to limit your usage to not only protect your eyes, but to protect your energy bill from rising to new heights.

One of the best ways to do this (and still be entertained) is to play board games. Since these timeless products use no electricity at all, you’ll be able to play all night long, while conserving energy! If you’re not into board games, then you can definitely opt for card games, a book, or something creative, such as painting!

6. Implement HVAC Zoning

Sometimes, the temperature can vary in different rooms of your home. Although it might seem impossible to get them all in sync, it’s actually possible thanks to an HVAC zoning system. This particular heating/cooling method will save you money in the long run, since it lets homeowners individually adjust the temperature in each room with the touch of a button or smartphone app. Once your system is installed, you’ll notice a difference instantly, in addition to seeing lower energy costs (which is always a plus).

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