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What NATE Certification Means When You're Hiring A Heating And Cooling Contractor

When you call for a heating and cooling contractor to come to your home, whether for installation, repair or maintenance, you expect the job to be done right and the contractor to be knowledgeable and efficient. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case with many contractors. In order to ensure that you receive the best service for your heating and cooling systems, always request that your contractor be NATE-certified.

NATE, which stands for North American Technician Excellence, is the nation’s top non-profit certification program for technicians who work in the HVAC/R (heating, ventilation, air-conditioning and refrigeration) industry. NATE grants certificates only to technicians who have passed required tests, including a core test and a specialty test.

Since NATE’s tests are exhaustive and thorough, contractors who have passed the tests are proved to be knowledgeable, able and qualified to work on your home’s HVAC systems. As a result, NATE-certified technicians’ customers are usually more satisfied. A survey was conducted with customers of both NATE-certified technicians and non-NATE-certified technicians. The survey showed that:

  • 68 percent of customers were extremely satisfied with their NATE-certified technician, while only 44 percent were satisfied with their technician who wasn’t NATE-certified.
  • 67 percent of customers were extremely satisfied with their HVAC systems when it was installed by a NATE-certified technician. On the other hand, 35 percent of customers who had their HVAC systems installed by a non-NATE-certified technician were extremely satisfied, which means that a majority (65 percent) said they weren’t extremely satisfied.
  • Most customers who received service by a NATE-certified technician reported fewer call-backs, more satisfaction with how their rooms were heated and cooled, and quieter running noise from their systems.

All in all, when you have a technician who is NATE-certified, you can be confident you will receive the service of a person who is a nationally recognized as an expert in his/her field, and you’ll more likely be satisfied with his/her services. If you’re not sure whether a technician is NATE-certified or not, ask to see his credentials.

Contact Blanton’s Heating & A/Cand request a NATE-certified technician to service the HVAC systems in your home. You and your home deserve the best.