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Why Home Solar Systems May Be A Better Choice Than Geothermal

Although geothermal systems are a great way to reduce costs when heating and cooling your home, that cost-effectiveness may not outweigh the system’s impact on the environment. In fact, you may find that a home solar system is a better choice.

Where geothermal systems fall short

Geothermal systems transfer heat from the ground into your home (to heat) and heat from your home into the ground (to cool). Because temperatures in ground are much more constant than outside air temperatures, the efficiency to run the home comfort system is increased, resulting in reduced operational costs compared to a traditional air-source HVAC unit. The downfall in geothermal systems is that their components require an electrical supply to operate. The electrical supply need from the power company contributes to increased greenhouse gasses and carbon dioxide emissions.

What makes home solar systems the better option

A home solar system is a better option than a geothermal system when considering efficiency and sustainability. Not only is the solar home comfort system energy efficient, but the energy supply is free sunlight. In producing the necessary energy for your system, no environmentally damaging emissions are produced. Another benefit of having a home solar system is that when your home comfort system is not running, any additional solar power produced by your solar system can be used to operate other components in your home that require an electrical supply, decreasing your need for grid-powered electricity.

Giving back

Depending on the type of solar system you choose for your home (specifically a grid-tied photovoltaic (PV) system), your home solar system may be able to feed back excess solar power to the grid through a process called net metering. Net metering reduces your energy costs further by causing your meter to spin backwards, resulting in a credit from your power company, if applicable. Not only are you able to supply your home with clean energy, but by feeding electricity back into the grid, the power company will in essence pay you by providing a credit.

Blanton Heating & A/C can help you decide whether installing a home solar system is best for your home. We can help you conserve energy, reduce costs and be environmentally conscious all at once.

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