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Why Making An Annual Service Call Now Will Keep Your HVAC System In Tip Top Shape

There is nothing that impacts home comfort more than your heating and cooling equipment. However, many homeowners forget about these essential systems unless they develop problems. Don’t ignore your HVAC systems! Instead, schedule annual service for your cooling equipment in the spring and your heating equipment in the fall to keep them in tip-top shape.

Here’s a look at the services you can expect a professional contractor to perform during annual service and the benefits they provide.

  • Check the refrigerant charge: If the charge is off by just a few ounces, it can noticeably impact system efficiency. Therefore, this cooling system inspection during an annual spring service check improves efficiency and saves you money on your cooling bills.
  • Change the air filter: You should complete this maintenance task on your own once per month, but the service professional will check and change the filter if necessary. A clean filter improves indoor air quality, reduces strain on the equipment and keeps your energy bills down.
  • Measure airflow: This is important to keep the pressure ideal throughout the system. Airflow can be impacted by the filter, duct size and blow motor speed. By checking the airflow and making any necessary adjustments, you’ll feel more comfortable. Wear on the system is also reduced when airflow is ideal.
  • Verify correct electric controls: Your thermostat likely controls both heating and cooling, so the service professional will check to make sure the heating system is locked when cooling is on and vice versa. This prevents energy waste.
  • Inspect electric terminals: Connections may need to be tightened and have a new non-conductive coating applied, which a service professional does during annual service. Secure electric terminals ensure system safety and efficiency.
  • Oil the blower motor and check belts for wear and tightness: The blower motor circulates air from your furnace and air conditioner, making it essential for year-round comfort. Oil and a tight belt support a long-lasting system and greater energy efficiency.

If you’re ready to enjoy all the benefits of annual service, please contact Blanton’s Heating & A/Cin Fayetteville today. Our experience dates back to 1951

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