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Attic & Crawlspace Insulation Services

Let Blanton’s Air, Plumbing & Electric Improve Your Efficiency

Your heater and air conditioner are the two biggest energy consumers in your home, so it stands to reason that doing everything you can to make them do their job more efficiently will make a huge difference in your home’s performance. Your attic and crawlspace are two areas which are a problem for many homeowners—air from inside the home escapes into these areas through leaks, resulting in lots of excessive energy consumption and a home that’s difficult to keep comfortable. However, properly insulating these heat loss areas can negate this problem, increase efficiency, and greatly reduce your energy consumption.

At Blanton’s Air, Plumbing & Electric, our highly-trained technicians are dedicated to not only helping care for your HVAC system, but improving your home’s overall performance. Our team knows where the trouble spots and air leaks can most likely be found, and we can make sure they are properly insulated and closed off to prevent your attic or crawlspace from being such a massive detriment to your home. Since 1951, we’ve been the team customers all around the Fayetteville area have trusted their home’s care and maintenance to, and today we’re proud to take things further by helping your home maximize your energy efficiency and make the most of your heating and cooling systems.

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Seal the Air Leaks & Watch Your Electric Bills Drop!

Air leaks are perhaps the single largest cause of heat loss and wasted energy in the average American home, and when you consider that your heating and cooling systems are your biggest energy consumer, you can see how big of a problem they really are. The thing most people don’t necessarily realize is that these leaks can found in all sorts of places along their ceiling and in their floor—even in areas which they thought were properly sealed.

Attic and crawlspace air leaks can commonly be found in:

  • Air vents (both ceiling and floor-mounted)
  • Recessed lighting fixtures
  • Cable conduits
  • Furniture anchors
  • Floorboard joints
  • Ceiling fan mounts

Keep Inside & Outside Temperatures Separated

If you’ve ever been in your attic on a sweltering hot day, you know just how hot it can get. That giant pocket of hot air could easily seep down into your home if your attic is not properly insulated. Likewise, a crawlspace gap can become extremely cold during winter months, potentially allowing this frosty draft to work its way into your home where it negates the hard work your furnace has done to keep things comfortable.

Proper insulation works its way into these gaps and forms a tight seal that air can’t pass through in either direction, thus keeping these climate zones separated. This not only keeps your home at a comfortable temperature for a longer period of time, but means that you don’t have to run your furnace or air conditioner as often to reach your temperature goals. Having a professional check these spaces for potential trouble spots or leak sites can help you identify and seal these trouble spots, improving your home’s energy performance and keeping more money in your pocket.

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