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Raleigh & Fayetteville Indoor Air Quality Solutions

Improving Your Home’s Air Quality

Source Control

The first step in addressing your indoor air quality needs is addressing the source of the problem. Sometimes, controlling the source, whether it is excess dust in your air ducts or mold somewhere in your home, is all you need to address the problem. Our team will help you do just that.


Proper ventilation is instrumental in protecting the quality of your home’s air. While opening a window is one way to ventilate your Raleigh or Fayetteville home, you can do more. We have various ventilation solutions designed for homeowners to help them improve their indoor air quality.

Air Purification

Filtration and air cleaning are the final steps in getting your Fayetteville or Raleigh home’s indoor air under control. Let a Blanton’s service professional help you choose the right air purification solution to address your Fayetteville or Raleigh home’s specific indoor air quality needs.

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*Blanton’s does not currently offer indoor air quality testing services at this time.*

Indoor Air Quality FAQs

Does ventilation help protect against COVID-19?

Proper ventilation helps protect indoor air quality, but it is not enough protection against COVID-19. You will also want to address the virus by investing in an air cleaning system. However, fresh air is a good first step.

What indoor air quality products help most with allergies?

To address allergies, start with high-efficiency filtration to remove allergens from the air. Then use an air cleaner or air purifier to address those allergens that make it through the filter. As part of your air cleaning protocol, UV lamps can help eliminate pollen and mold, which can make allergies worse.

Do houseplants help with indoor air quality?

As long as you are not allergic to the plants you bring inside your home, they can be a helpful addition to your indoor air quality treatment protocol. English Ivy and Spider Plants help absorb toxins out of the air and moderate humidity levels, and both of these actions help improve your indoor air quality.

What are the most common indoor air problems?

Indoor air quality is polluted by airborne hazards like mold, radon, carbon monoxide, lead, pollen, dander, and dust. The best way to find your particular home’s needs is to identify problems through indoor air quality testing and then treat them accordingly.

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