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Professional Plumbing Services in Holly Springs, NC

We understand that North Carolinians value the safety and integrity of their home, and that’s why we’re helping communities all over NC with their plumbing. Holly Springs residents can be relieved that we cover this area with the utmost care and respect. From pipes to water heaters, kitchen fixtures, baths, and landscapes, we’ll work on any job, big or small.

Call (919) 298-2105 or contact us online today for North Carolina’s most trustworthy and reliable plumbing services in Holly Springs, NC.

Emergency Plumbing Services

Unfortunately, you can never predict emergency plumbing repair, but fortunately, you can rely on us 24/7/365 to help. Our team of experts can conveniently help you with plumbing installation, repair, or replacement whenever you need it.

You can always trust us to take care of your plumbing repairs when drains are clogged, fixtures malfunction, and pipes break. Our technicians will take care of your plumbing problem with minimal interference in your daily life with respect, courtesy, and care. Your home will be cleaner than when we started.

Call (919) 298-2105 immediately if you need emergency plumbing repair.

Signs You Need Emergency Plumbing

Be on the lookout for any of these signs and contact Blanton’s ASAP if you notice any of these:

  • No running hot water: This could be from a broken water heater or burst pipe, so don’t hesitate to call a technician immediately.
  • Low water pressure: Broken pipes can also cause this issue, or there might be a bad clog somewhere.
  • Frozen pipes: These are significant disasters waiting to happen, as your pipes can burst or worse. Don’t try and wait for them to thaw out on their own. Instead, have a professional help you.
  • Fouls smell: Bad odors can be a sign of a gas leak, so make sure to have a professional check them out ASAP.


Water Heater Services

Blanton’s offers a complete range of water heater services for any resident or homeowner in Holly Springs, NC. Your new home might need a water heater, or your current one might be beyond repair, so you’ll need a replacement.

Whether you have a standard or tankless water heater, we repair all types as soon as you notice any issue. For example, if you notice any rust in your water, make sure to call our team without delay.

Like your home’s plumbing system, water heaters also need maintenance. Make sure you schedule one of our professional technicians to come and inspect your water heater at least once a year so we can diagnose any problems before they worsen.

Call (919) 298-2105 or contact us online today for help with your home’s water heater.

Other Plumbing Services Offered

You can always count on us regardless of your home’s plumbing and HVAC system. Our experts understand and work on everything, including:

Call (919) 298-2105 or contact us online for any issue related to your home’s plumbing or HVAC.

Why Choose Blanton’s in Holly Springs?

For over 70 years, we’ve helped our North Carolina communities with everything plumbing related. We enjoy sharing information with you on our blogs and have countless positive customer reviews. For residents of Holly Springs, we offer an exclusive WOW Service Plan that takes care of all the scheduling and includes additional discounts and perks for our NC communities.

Call (919) 298-2105 or contact us online for the very best plumbing service in Holly Springs, NC.

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Best service received. Tim was professional, knowledgeable, and provided educational insight for future upgrades. Highly recommend.
Awesome guys that came out to do our gas stove installation. And fixed our shower 2 different times. We will be calling on u guys again. Got the work done and we were satisfied. I recommend this company to all of America. Very respectful...Thanks Mr. Tim.
My technician was very professional and on time. He diagnosed the issue in just a few short minutes and discussed options to fix the issues with me before beginning the work. Once we agreed on a plan, the service professional was able to fix my issues in a very short amount of time. He double checke...