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Water Filtration & Water Softener Services in Fayetteville & the Triangle, NC

Every household deserves access to clean, better-tasting water. With our water filtration and softener services, the plumbing experts at Blanton’s Air, Plumbing & Electric help make it possible in the Raleigh-Durham area. We have over 70 years of experience delivering plumbing services that local homeowners can rely on.

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Water Filtration Installation Services

A water filtration system removes harmful contaminants found in oil, detergents, and pesticides that aren’t entirely filtered out by Fayetteville’s and Raleigh’s water treatment process. These contaminants can affect the taste and odor of your tap water or make it unsafe to drink.

Blanton’s licensed and experienced plumbers can install a whole-home water filtration system in your home, ensuring that no matter which taps you turn on, your water will taste great and be free of chemical contaminants.

For reliable water filtration installation services in Fayetteville or the Triangle, contact the Blanton’s team online.

Do I Have Poor Water Quality?

You’ll know your home has poor water quality and would greatly benefit from a whole-home water filtration system when:

  • You notice your food never tastes good.
  • Your tap water has an odd odor or taste.
  • You test your water and get poor results.
  • Pets or members of your household seem to get sick often.

Water filtration systems make clean, safe water available from every faucet so you can enjoy better-tasting food and drinking water and stay healthy.   

Reach out online to schedule a water filtration system installation now.

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Water Softener Installation Services

A whole-home water softener removes high calcium and magnesium concentrations from your water supply. Don’t worry — these naturally occurring minerals are safe for humans and pets to consume, but they can wreak havoc on pipes and water-based appliances like water heaters.

Blanton’s offers water softener installation services that help slow down calcium and magnesium sediment buildups in your plumbing system. 

Contact us online to learn more about a whole-home water softening system we can install in your home.

Signs You Have Hard Water  

Hard water contains high amounts of dissolved calcium and magnesium. North Carolina’s water is primarily soft, but cities with hard water are scattered along the coast. However, calcium and magnesium can still cause issues in cities like Raleigh and Fayetteville. The buildups just occur more slowly.

Here are a few signs that calcium and magnesium buildups should be addressed soon:

  • Faucets get clogged with a chalky substance
  • Detergent and soap don’t seem to lather anymore
  • Clothing seems faded and stiff
  • Multiple members of your household have itchy skin and dry hair

Schedule a service with a Blanton’s plumbing professional to install a water softener in your Raleigh-Durham home when you contact us online.

Why Choose Blanton’s?

If you’re looking for water filtration or water softener services in Fayetteville and the Triangle area, contact our team at Blanton’s Air, Plumbing & Electric. We’re always available to recommend suitable systems that fit your home’s needs and budget.

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