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Raleigh Generator Installation

Professional Generator Installation & Service

Power outages are an unfortunate reality during times of unpredictable weather, but that doesn't mean you have to risk a total loss of power to your home. Standby generators are becoming must-haves for many homeowners who can’t afford to go through another outage.

Stand-by generators can keep virtually any household appliance running, so you won’t have to go without:

  • Lights
  • Your refrigerator
  • A stove or microwave
  • A working garage door
  • Your air conditioner (or furnace)
  • Electronics and other mechanical devices

If you don't have a backup generator or if your current generator needs repair or maintenance, contact us now!

Choosing the Right Generator

There are stand-by generators designed to work with many different fuel sources, like gas, propane or even diesel. However, most are “bi-fuel,” meaning they can actually run on two different kinds of fuel. After all, the whole point of a generator is to be prepared. Choose a model that runs on a fuel source already feeding into your home.

Before you select a generator, decide which home systems you’d like it to power. Some stand-by generators are strong enough to run an entire household and all its appliances, while others are smaller and only dedicated to the most important circuits. The “essential circuit” versions are most affordable, but can only feed 8-16 circuits in your electric panel. Small or medium sized generators are often strong enough to run a whole house, but you’ll have to limit your energy use. Whole-house generators allow you to live as though the power never went out in the first place.

Do Generators Automatically Switch On?

Most stand-by generators sold today have sensors that can tell when power stops flowing and automatically turn the unit on. You don’t have to flip a manual switch, and your home will be protected if the power goes out when you’re not there. They also shut themselves off once the power is flowing again.

No one wants to go through a power outage, but a stand-by generator can make you “better safe than sorry.” If you have questions about selecting a generator for your home, call Blanton’s Air, Plumbing & Electric. We’re proud to keep Raleigh area homeowners safe and comfortable.