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Surge Protection in Raleigh

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At Blanton’s Air, Plumbing, & Electric, surge protection is just one of the many services our team of licensed and extremely skilled technicians can offer your home or business. Over our nearly six decades in business, we’ve seen just about everything there is to see when it comes to electrical problems, and we’re determined to be the name you can count on for quality solutions. We treat every customer’s home with the same respect and care we’d show when working on our own, including offering you a five-star customer service experience that isn’t matched anywhere else. Our surge protection products we offer are perfectly matched to your home in order to provide you with the best protection and functionality, and we install them quickly and correctly for your complete and total peace of mind.

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What is a Power Surge?

A power surge is a sudden sharp spike in voltage or current flowing through your home. These spikes are potentially extremely dangerous—your electrical components are only designed to handle a certain amount of energy flowing through them at once, and surges often send exponentially more power running through your wires and devices. This results in blown circuits, damaged components, and even serious damage to your electrical system that could require substantial amounts of time-consuming repairs. They can also be dangerous, potentially causing injury or fire. It’s extremely important to make sure you and your home are protected from the potential danger of an electrical surge, and you can do that by having whole-home surge protection installed by a Raleigh surge protection expert.

How Surge Protection Works

Surge protection is sort of like a giant fuse for your whole home. These devices are designed to be able to carry up to a specific amount of current at any given point. Should that amount be exceeded, the connection will fall apart and sever, immediately cutting off the flow of electricity and stopping damage from spreading throughout your home.

A power surge can happen at any time, and more often than not they come from sources outside your home. Surges tend to be the most common in bad weather situations, such as during severe storms or high winds. However, they can also occur during times when electricity use is at its peak. For example, on sweltering summer afternoons where everyone has turned on their air conditioning, the excessive strain on public utility lines providing power to all of these units can buckle the system, eventually resulting in a full-fledged surge should regulating components fail.

Whole-Home vs. Surge Protector Strips

Why is it a good idea to invest in surge protection for your entire home rather than simply installing surge strips where you need them? Surge strips are generally quite a bit cheaper, require no additional installation beyond simply plugging them into an outlet, and they’re capable of keeping just about anything plugged into them safe in the event of a surge.

It’s true that these strips are a good idea, particularly for sensitive electronics like computers, data centers, networking equipment, or medical devices that require power. However, these devices are limited in what they can protect. They will only save anything plugged into them in the event of a surge. Everything else in your home will still suffer the surge effects and potentially be destroyed.

Whole-home surge protection not only protects these devices, but also the rest of your electrical system as well. During a surge, important electrical components like circuit breakers, wires, outlets, and more can all sustain serious damage from the sudden influx of power they have to handle. With whole-home protected, these components are also shielded from a surge as well. Should a surge occur, whole-home surge protection could still save you thousands on repair costs—far more than the cost of a whole-home protection solution.

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