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Raleigh AC Maintenance

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One easy way to beat the heat during the summer is to have a preventive maintenance check done on your air conditioner before the warm weather arrives. This pre-season checkup will ensure that your system is performing efficiently and will ward off any potential problems and unexpected repairs during the cooling season.

When performing a typical preventive AC maintenance check, a contractor will:

  • Secure all electrical connections and measure the motor’s current and voltage. Faulty electrical connections can jeopardize the safety of your system and lower the life expectancy of its major parts.
  • Grease all the unit’s moving parts to prevent friction in the motors and excessive use of electricity.
  • Examine the condensate drain in your central air conditioning unit. A clogged drain can result in water damage and adversely influence the humidity levels in your house.
  • Ensure that all controls are functioning safely and correctly.
  • Clean the air conditioning unit’s evaporator and condenser coils. Dirty coils will lower your system’s capacity to cool your home, force it to run longer, raise energy costs and shorten its life span.
  • Check the unit’s refrigerant level and adjust it accordingly. Excess or insufficient refrigerant will reduce your system’s effectiveness.
  • Clean and adjust the blower components to guarantee proper airflow. Airflow problems can lower your unit’s efficiency by nearly 15 percent.

Benefits of AC Maintenance

In addition to saving you money and energy, preventive maintenance checks offer other benefits:

  • Ensures that your unit continues to be energy-efficient
  • Extends the life of your heating and cooling system
  • Guarantees that your HVAC equipment is operating safely
  • Reduces the likelihood that your unit will need to be repaired later on

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