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Raleigh Drain & Sewer Services

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Your drains are one of the most vital parts of your entire plumbing system, and yet they’re a part that often goes extremely underappreciated. Nobody really thinks about their drains until something happens, and by that point you’re dealing with a frustrating headache in the form of a clog, leak, or other potentially serious situation. At Blanton's Air, Plumbing, & Electric, we understand the urgency of these issues, and we know how important it is to get to solve the problem quickly and effectively. We deliver timely, professional drain and sewer services to customers in and around the Raleigh area, including repairs, replacements, cleaning and clog removal, and everything in between.

At Blanton's Air, Plumbing, & Electric, our plumbing experts know drains and have seen just about everything when it comes to what can happen with them. Our experience is what sets us apart from the rest—our company has been around since all the way back in 1951, and we’ve never stopped learning and improving with every job we take. This makes us one of the most reliable and trustworthy drain service teams in the area, and one that customers have come to count on when they need a solution and fast. Whether it’s a small clog in a bathroom drain or a serious blockage in a large line that’s impacting a good portion of your home, we’ll come to you and provide you with the same exceptional customer service and craftsmanship we’ve offered every customer: the kind that keeps you coming back again and again.

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Drain Repair & Clog Removal Services

The most common problem you’ll encounter in your drains is an obnoxious and frustrating clog. Drain clogs are one of those issues where it’s not a matter of “if” one will happen, but more so a matter of “when.” Through their day to day use in the average home, there’s a strong chance you’ll find yourself dealing with roughly one obnoxious clog each year, and it’s best to know who to turn to when one happens.

We remove clogs from all types of drains, including:

  • Kitchen drains
  • Bathroom drains
  • Utility drains
  • Landscape/perimeter drains

At Blanton's Air, Plumbing, & Electric, we offer drain cleaning and clog removal services using a variety of methods. While we can snake out smaller drains to get rid of minor clogs, our preferred method for drain cleaning is a method known as “jetting.” Jetting uses a high-pressure stream of water blasted out of a special tool to obliterate clogs and remove them from your lines. This provides the fullest and most complete clean and even removes the traces of your clog out along the perimeter of your drain line. Not only does this mean your drain gets moving again quickly, but it also means the clog won’t be coming back anytime soon. And we can perform this type of cleaning on some of the smallest and largest drain lines found in your home!

Sewer Line Inspection, Cleaning, Repair & Replacement

Every drain in your home needs to lead somewhere, and that somewhere for most homes is the public sewer system. However, in order to reach the public sewer system, your home needs one single main line for all of your various drains to lead into. This is known as your sewer line or sewer main, and is usually found buried in the ground outside of your home. The soil above and around this line is normally plenty of protection, but internal problems, shifting land, and plenty of other factors can cause issues that stop your sewer line from working as intended. When that happens, Blanton's Air, Plumbing, & Electric is here to help.

Our sewer services include clog removal, sewer repairs, and even total sewer replacements using state of the art tools and techniques. We do everything in our power to make this major plumbing service as fast, non-invasive, and affordable as possible, ensuring you have the reliable plumbing you need at all times. Customers throughout the Raleigh area have come to trust us whether they’re dealing with a tree root issue, cracks that need to be sealed, or a total line replacement.

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