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professional generator repair fayetteville ncWhen you lose power, life is difficult. Living without heat, air conditioning, Internet, lights or running water in some cases, is uncomfortable (to say the least). When your power outage lasts for days, it can be unbearable.

With a standby Generac generator, you’re never without electricity for more than a minute. The generator turns on when your utility power is disrupted, and then shuts off and re-enters standby mode as soon as your utility power is restored.

The electrical experts at Blanton’s sell and install Generac generators in homes throughout the Fayetteville, NC, area. Our team of electricians are specially trained to help you select the correct generator size, explain how the installation works and choose the location where your generator should be installed.

Your standby generator will run on natural gas or liquid propane, so you never need to stock up on gasoline to keep it running.

Learn More From Generac

Watch the video below to learn more about the Generac standby generators that Blanton’s installs.

Schedule Your Generator Installation

The electricians and technicians at Blanton’s have more than 60 years of experience. With a deep understanding of electrical safety, there’s no job that they can’t handle.

Trust our experts to install your backup generator, so you can rely on it whenever there’s a power outage or emergency. Speak with a team member by completing our online form or calling 910.722.4052.

We’re proud to offer electrical services to customers throughout the Fayetteville area, including:

  • Aberdeen, NC
  • Cameron, NC
  • Hope Mills, NC
  • Lee County, NC
  • Linden, NC
  • Moore County, NC
  • Pinehurst, NC
  • Southern Pines, NC
  • Spring Lake, NC
  • Stedman, NC
  • Vass, NC
  • Wade, NC

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