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Sump Pump Services in Fayetteville & Raleigh

Spring thaws and summer rains do more than bring flowers; they also facilitate flooding in homes throughout North Carolina. At Blanton’s Air, Plumbing & Electrical, our certified and fully insured plumbing team makes sure your sump pump will keep you dry no matter what the seasons have in store. 

To learn more about our sump pump services in central NC, contact Blanton’s in Fayetteville at (910) 822-2866 or Raleigh-Durham at (919) 298-2105.

Repairing a sump pump in a basement with a red LED light illuminating the pit and pipe work for draining ground water

Signs You Need Sump Pump Repair

You rely on your sump pump to drain water from your basement after a storm or flood in Raleigh or Fayetteville, NC. Sometimes, however, it may not work correctly. This can be due to a variety of reasons. These are indications that a sump pump repair is necessary.

  • Vibrations: The impeller, which channels water into the sump pump, could be damaged, or a clog may be encountered, causing vibrations.
  • Inefficiency: When your sump pump is ineffective, you may have a motor problem related to whether the pump is plugged in, a faulty filter or wiring, or a malfunctioning hose that’s not moving water.
  • Odd noises: If the sump pump makes grinding or other loud noises, have it checked by a plumber.
  • Aging: A sump pump used often and over 10 years old will probably develop issues.
  • Rust buildup: Rust on a sump pump can impact its battery or your plumbing and requires attention from a qualified professional.

Sump Pump Installation & Replacement

We specialize in installing basement and crawl space sump pumps. We will help you select the best pump for your needs and ensure that every aspect of the installation is precision-perfect. When your sump pump reaches the end of its serviceable life span, we will help you identify the best replacement and dispose of your old system.

How To Tell if Your Home Needs a Sump Pump

Sump pumps work to reduce the water pressure in the ground around your home and thus prevent it from forcing its way indoors. You might need a sump pump for your home if:

  • You get leaks or flooding in your basement and want to prevent damage, mold, etc.
  • Soil or drainage changes have increased the amount of water concentrated around your home
  • You can’t take any chances with flooding of your basement after a remodel or finishing of said basement

When your sump pump doesn’t work, call Blanton’s in Fayetteville at (910) 822-2866 or the Triangle at (919) 298-2105 for the best repair services in Raleigh and Fayetteville, NC!

Sump Pump Maintenance & Repairs

Sump pumps require regular maintenance every few months, with a thorough inspection recommended yearly. Our certified plumbers are ready to perform the sump pump maintenance to keep your system ready to go when the water starts pouring in. We have a thorough knowledge of sump pump systems and know the best ways to operate your system efficiently. 

Of course, even the best-built sump pump isn’t immune to damage and regular wear and tear. When discharge lines clog or freeze, motors fail, and switches get stuck, our teams will perform the necessary sump pump repairs quickly and effectively. We maintain a complete inventory of parts and components, so you don’t have to wait for the parts to arrive to complete the required repairs.

For trusted sump pump services, contact Blanton’s team online and schedule services for your Fayetteville or Raleigh-Durham home.

Lifespan of a Sump Pump

A well-maintained sump pump will last an average of 10 years before it needs to be replaced, though, of course, this can vary significantly in practice. Some pumps will fail much earlier, especially with less maintenance, while some will borrow more than their fair share of time and endure for years beyond their recommended time.

We strongly recommend the proactive replacement of any sump pump that’s hit the 10-year mark, as an unexpected failure can have catastrophic effects on your home.

Contact Blanton’s online today to speak with the team about extending the lifespan of your heat pump with routine maintenance.

Preventing Basement & Crawl Space Flooding

A few ounces of prevention is worth more than a few thousand dollars in damage. Our teams can identify causes of basement flooding before the water seeps in. We’ll inspect your lawn, downspouts, gutters, foundation, and other elements and make informed recommendations based on our years of experience.

Do you have more questions about sump pumps in North Carolina? Contact the team at Blanton’s Air, Plumbing & Electrical today for expert answers!

Choose Blanton’s for Sump Pump Services

If your home needs sump pump services, there’s no one better for the task in Fayetteville or the Raleigh-Durham area than the expert plumbers at Blanton’s. We emphasize high-quality service, quality, products, and results for our customers. You can count on us to always do the right thing for you as a customer, delivering honest work on every project.

If you’re ready to request sump pump services, call our Fayetteville office at (910) 822-2866 or our Raleigh office at (919) 298-2105 now! You can also schedule service by contacting us online.

FAQs About Sump Pumps

What maintenance do sump pumps require?

Sump pumps should be cleaned every month. This includes wiping it down and ensuring the grade isn’t blocked or damaged. You will also need to flush it once every quarter and thoroughly inspect the drainage pipes, screens, inlets, battery backup, and other components yearly.

What is the difference between pedestal and submersible sump pumps?

Pedestal pumps are less efficient and noisier than submersible pumps. They are becoming less and less common, and homeowners opt for submersible pumps that are more efficient and quieter.

How much horsepower do I need?

Bigger is not always better, nor is it always required. Choosing the wrong-sized sump pump can result in oversizing or under-sizing, which translates to short-cycling or continuous operation. As such, it’s best to stick with pumps with one-third to one-half horsepower.

Will the sump pump work if the power goes out?

No, unless the sump pump is connected to an emergency power generator. If a flood or heavy rain knocks out the power grid, your sump pump will not protect your basement or crawl space from flooding.

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A Five Star Experience
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