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Electrical Inspection From Our Trusted Electricians in Raleigh, Fayetteville & Surrounding Cities

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Ah, the joys of owning a home! If you’re buying or selling, you need an electrician to make sure your power is safe and secure. Electrical inspections are part of this process. If you’re in need or worried something is miswired or that you have faulty wires at home, let one of Blanton’s electricians visit for an electrical inspection. 

Professional Electrical Inspection From Our Trusted Electrical Team

Playing with electricity scares even the strongest of men. Nothing is more shocking than getting a zap from a faulty wire. Equally, nothing is more frustrating than not being able to run your appliances at full capacity because you have limited power. If anything like this is happening, an electrical inspection will reveal what’s going on with the wiring of your home.

Schedule a call for an electrical inspection with our team. In Raleigh, Durham, Fayetteville, and the surrounding communities, call (910) 822-2866 or schedule online now.

When should you schedule an electrical inspection?

Electrical inspections look at the power capacity of your home. In other words, can your home handle the power demands you put on it. It’s also the law. A professional inspection will alert you of any potential problems with your electric system that may jeopardize your home, including faulty wiring, hazardous materials, overloaded fuses, or circuit boxes that are at risk of starting an electrical fire.

These are the most common reasons why clients need an electrical inspection of their home:

  • You are purchasing a new home and want reassurance and proof of the new home’s electrical safety
  • You are selling your home and need to give the same reassurance to a new buyer
  • Your home is more than 40 years old and was built when power demands were less than they are today
  • Finally, when you add new appliances that require more energy such as a larger refrigerator, washer/dryer, air conditioner, generator, outdoor power drain such as lighting, or security features, and more.

Only you know how your home uses power, so you need to be mindful that you are protected if your appliances drain your system.

Does an Electrical Inspection Reveal Other Electrical Issues?

Yes, sometimes it does. There are several electric-specific challenges that show themselves when we do an inspection. It’s not uncommon to find issues that can be done to fix the drain on your power. Sometimes, these repairs limit the need to replace your electrical panel entirely. These often include:

  • Generator repairs
  • GFCI repairs
  • Outlet repairs
  • Ceiling fan repairs
  • Wiring repairs
  • Indoor & outdoor lighting repairs
  • LED lighting repairs
  • Home lighting repairs
  • Security lighting repairs

There are plenty of ways to take chances in life — but your electricity shouldn’t be one of them. In fact, no one should ever perform electrical work without proper training. Apart from the obvious dangers, you can also damage your system and end up paying more for both the initial problem and your own handy work. Play it safe and let the electricians at Blanton’s do the job.

Schedule your consultation with our professional electricians in Raleigh, Fayetteville, and surrounding communities. Call (910) 822-2866 or schedule online today.

Electrical Code Corrections

An electrical inspection every few years is advisable, mainly if you live in an older home. Businesses should be inspected at least once a year. Your assessment will tell you if:

  • Your circuits are still in good order.
  • Your fuses aren’t overloaded.
  • Your electrical panel can still power your appliances.
  • Your wiring hasn’t become a fire hazard.
  • A new installation meets the National Electrical Code.

Once your electricians have performed a comprehensive assessment, they’ll begin the process of an electrical code correction. They’ll address any code violations they’ve identified, which could include:

  • Repairing faulty panels
  • Addressing wiring that’s incorrectly sized
  • Replace damaged cables
  • Clean up the detritus of abandoned electrical projects
  • Repair safety violations
  • Upgrade overloaded circuits

Your electrical repairs might also include fixtures like LED lighting and ceiling fans. Older homes are particularly prone to code violations, but that doesn’t make new properties immune. The more smart devices you add to your home, the more energy and power you use. Your panel might have functioned well when you moved into your home, but if you’ve added rooms, appliances, or smart features, you might need an upgrade.

Similarly, if your region is prone to regular power surges, your electrical system might be taking strain. You also need a code correction if you’ve taken the DIY route to repairs in the past. These small jobs are prone to errors and often need to be corrected.

Electricity is hazardous, and the electrical code addresses it at every point of contact. It regulates installations, operation, and maintenance. Blanton’s offers comprehensive, licensed code corrections performed by some of the finest electricians in the region.

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