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5 Reasons You Need An Electrical Inspection That Are Not About Buying Or Selling Your Home

If you’re experiencing any of these issues at home, you need a professional electrical inspection — don’t wait until you’re ready to move to do this!

If you have ever bought a home or sold a home, you have (hopefully) had a professional electrical inspection. A trained electrician can help you understand your home’s wiring and electrical systems, as well as identify any areas that need improvement — or are unsafe. Home buyers will want to do this before making an offer, so they understand the scope of work that needs to be done upon purchase. On the other hand, homeowners should have an inspection before putting their house on the market, so there are no unexpected surprises and costs during the sale and negotiations.

But there are a few other crucial times you should schedule an electrical inspection — even if it feels like a bother or too much effort. What may seem like an irritating quirk of your home could be a sign of unsafe wiring or serious problems. If you’re experiencing any of these issues, it’s time to schedule an inspection.

  1. Your home is old and you’ve never updated the wiring. Old homes are such charmers! But their electrical systems can be a big mess. Modern technology combined with today’s knowledge means that what was state-of-the-art electrical work 25 years ago just doesn’t cut the mustard now. Not only that, but the regular wear and tear on your wiring over a couple of decades will mean your home is likely in need of an upgrade. Call your local electrician to schedule an inspection if your home is over 25 years old, and/or the wiring has not been updated in that long — even if everything seems “fine.”
  1. You’re expecting a big or damaging storm. Natural disasters sometimes take us by surprise, but with today’s meteorological technology, we’re now more prepared than ever for big storms. Are your wiring and outlets ready for power surges and electricity spike damage? Safety switches and surge protectors are key tools for preparedness, and your local electrician can help you get these systems in place.
  1. Your home suffered storm damage. On the flip side, if a storm or natural weather event damaged your home, you’ll want to schedule an electrical inspection. While some home repair issues are obvious (for example: crumbling exterior or broken windows), electrical problems are not always visible to the naked eye, and could potentially create an unsafe environment later on.
  1. Light switches and fixtures don’t match up and/or flicker and turn off and on at random. No double about it, this is an irritating problem! Who among us hasn’t lived somewhere with a “weird” or “funky” lighting situation? But that finicky light switch could be indicative of deeper electrical problems. If you’re experiencing flickering lights, first ensure that the bulb is properly screwed into the fixture, and is the correct wattage for the fixture. In the case of stand alone fixtures, make sure that the cord has not been damaged or worn away. If everything looks normal, it’s time to schedule that inspection — your licensed electrician will be able to diagnose and help you fix the root of the problem.
  1. You tried DIY electrical work. Do-it-yourself home improvements are an empowering way to take charge of your domain. But unless you are a trained electrician, amateur wiring and outlet repair is a recipe for potential disaster. While there are many great educational resources available for homeowners, it’s best to call in the professionals to do this job (or at the very least, ensure that your work is safe and effective.)

Although an electrical inspection is likely not high on your to-do list, delaying it fosters a potentially hazardous living condition in your home. Many folks tackle home repairs themselves, which can provide a great learning opportunity and feelings of self-sufficiency. However, in the case of electrical work, this is not recommended. If you’re not sure if you need an inspection, it’s best to call a licensed professional; they can help ensure that your home stays humming (and well-lit.)

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