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  • Is Your Plumbing Winter-Ready?
    Is Your Plumbing Winter-Ready?

    The Essentials for a Smooth Season Summer went by in a breeze! Temperatures are about to cool down and the time has come to think about the condition of your plumbing. Just as you and your neighbors ...

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  • Septic vs. Sewer
    Septic vs. Sewer

    “Water” the Differences? Paper or plastic? Chocolate or vanilla? Septic or sewer? OK, so you might not get asked that last question quite as much. But if you’re selling or purchasing a new home, the ...

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  • Worried About Frozen Pipes? 3 Key Precautions
    Worried About Frozen Pipes? 3 Key Precautions

    If you’re worried about frozen pipes becoming an issue this winter, then you may just be in luck. While having your pipes freeze over can certainly be a major hassle, there are several simple measures ...

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  • How To Prevent Frozen Pipes
    How To Prevent Frozen Pipes

    The Polar Vortex has swept a wave of cold across the east coast. Just this morning temperatures hit 16 degrees right here in Fayetteville, NC! Of course, cold snaps are nothing new. We’ve seen ...

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