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Five Strategies To Reduce Dust And Improve Indoor Air Quality In Your Home

Reducing dust in your home will have a huge impact on your indoor air quality, and make a difference in the comfort and health of your family. Here are five strategies you can implement to reduce dust in your home.

Upgrade your furnace filter

Furnace filters are measured by MERV (minimum efficiency reporting value). The more particles they capture from your air, the higher the rating they will have. If your filters have a rating of 7 or less, upgrading will make a substantial difference. A rating of 11 or 12 is typically ideal for homeowners.

Capture dust, don’t spread it

Many common practices for dusting only make surfaces look clean while merely spreading dust around. Feather dusters, dry rags and even vacuum cleaners are all guilty of this. Wet rags or cloths with electrostatic charges are ideal.

Change your bed sheets regularly

Your bed constantly collects skin flakes, sheet fibers and dust. Anytime you move in your bed, you are potentially sending a dust storm into the air. By washing and replacing your sheets weekly, you prevent this problem.

Keep your closet floor clear

Dust and fibers are constantly falling from the clothes, towels and sheets you keep in your closet. To best be able to eliminate them, you need to keep the floor of your closet clear so that you can vacuum it with ease. Keep things on shelves, and keep your out of seasonal clothing in garment bags so they don’t add to the problem.

Beat your cushions

Take furniture cushions outside, hang them and use a broom to knock dust out them every few months.

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