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Troubleshooting Common Heat Pump Issues

Heat pumps are increasing in popularity due to their ability to provide heating and cooling functions. When your system isn’t working as it should, it’s important to troubleshoot any issue you may be facing so that you can determine the best solution for fixing it. Knowing the ins and outs of what causes common issues can not only help you understand how to reverse them, but it can also help prevent problems from happening again in the future. Below are five of the most common issues heat pumps face.

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Side view of outdoor energy unit hanging on brick wall of house on a sunny day. Air to air heat pump for cooling or heating the home. Outdoor unit powered by renewable energy. Air conditioner and air heat pump.

Knowing what to look for should your heat pump face difficulties is essential. Some of the most common issues you may come across include:

Heat Pump Won’t Turn Off

If your heat pump is continuously blowing out hot or cool air and you can’t get it to turn off, it could be a result of things like faulty wiring, an incorrectly installed thermostat, an issue with the compressor contactor, or dirty coils. To fix this, try turning off the heat or AC from the thermostat, resetting your circuit breaker, or cleaning the coils.

Heat Pump Won’t Turn On

A frustratingly common issue with heat pumps is their lack of operation entirely. If your heat pump doesn’t turn on, it can’t keep you or your home adequately heated or cooled. Should you adjust your heat pump and discover no heat or AC is coming from it, having a professional service your malfunctioning unit is your best bet at getting it back up and running.

Heat Pump Is Short-Cycling

Is your heat pump’s performance spotty? If your unit isn’t completing its full heating or cooling cycles, there may be an issue with the thermostat or an interior component. An expert will be able to pinpoint the problem and offer a solution!

Heat pump mounted on the wall of a house and covered in snow on a cold winters day.

Outdoor Unit Is Frozen

While thin layers of ice are typical, thicker layers of ice or snow may build up on your outdoor unit during the colder months. When this happens, it can hinder your unit’s performance. Ensure your system isn’t blocked by snow, is defrosting properly, has efficiently-working fans, and has enough refrigerant to run well.

Heat Pump Is Leaking Liquid

Leaks can be caused by clogged condensate drains; the leaks themselves are a hassle and lead to a lack of heat or AC and/or a spike in monthly bills. To combat this issue, turn your unit off, remove the front cover, and use a towel or vacuum to unclog the drain.

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