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What Should Be Included In A Plumbing Service If You Hire A Professional Service professional

Make sure you’re getting your money’s worth when you hire a local plumber — here’s what should always be included in service calls.

Hiring a plumbing service is an important decision. The choice you make today can affect your quality of life for weeks, months, and even years to come. Whether you’re dealing with leaky pipes, slow drains, or emergency plumbing repairs, your service tech should do the best job possible. But for those unfamiliar with plumbing, it can be hard to know what “the best job possible” really means. What is standard in a plumbing service, and what’s added value? What is typically included in a plumbing service call or installation? What’s not? Is your plumber going the extra mile, or just doing the bare minimum? These may not be existential questions, but they are important ones.

Here at Blanton’s, in Fayetteville and Raleigh, NC, we’re passionate about delivering top-notch service to our customers. And while we may be known in the business as going “above and beyond,” we firmly believe that’s just how service should be. We’ve outlined a few crucial items your plumber should always deliver. It’s how we run our business, and how your plumber should run theirs. Remember that your plumber should want to invest in a relationship with you. They’re important service professionals to have on speed dial! Check to ensure your plumbing company meets these requirements before signing off on any work.

Local Love: Plumbing Services In Fayetteville, NC

We put forth our best effort because we love our community! Here at Blanton’s, we serve the people of Fayetteville and Raleigh, NC. They aren’t just our customers: They’re our neighbors and friends. No matter where you’re located, your plumber should feel the same way. Is your plumbing service meeting these requirements?

High Regard For Your Health And Safety During Plumbing Work

At the time of writing this blog, we’re in the midst of a global health pandemic. The health and safety of our customers is more important than ever. That said, it should always be the first and most important thing your plumbing service delivers on. Ask yourself these questions: Is your service tech wearing protective gear, such as disposable booties over their shoes? Are they wearing gloves and face coverings when appropriate? Are they washing their hands and workstation regularly? Do they leave the workspace spotless? If not, it’s time to find a new plumbing service. (We’re happy to step in if you need a new plumber!)

A Realistic Estimate For Plumbing Services

Estimates are best guesses for how much a job will cost. You should always receive an estimate for future services, and if you don’t, ASK! Your professional plumber will be happy to walk you through the projected costs. Remember that an estimate is a best guess. While it may not translate dollar for dollar into your bill, the two should be within the same ballpark.

That said, sometimes unexpected costs occur during a project. This most frequently happens if the scope of work is more complicated than originally predicted. If the final cost is drastically higher than the estimate, the bill should not be the first time you’re seeing it. Your local plumber will ideally talk to you about any unforeseen costs or big changes from the initial estimate. Which brings us to our next point:

Transparent Discussion Of Costs (Labor AND Materials)

Your plumbing bill shouldn’t read like a mystery novel. It’s standard service for your plumbing service to break down the cost of materials (such as new pipes, or replacement parts, if needed), and labor (that’s the cost of your service service professional’s time and talents). If you have questions, you should ask — and your plumber should answer honestly, and in a timely manner. All relationships are built on respect, and this one is no different.

We make decisions about home repairs and in a variety of different ways. Some folks use reviewing websites, others meticulously research, some come prepared with dozens of questions, and others still rely on intuition or “gut feeling.” But no matter what, the decision to work with a plumbing service should feel positive from the first phone call. Often, dealing with plumbing issues is a negative experience. Your plumber should aim to change that. What was the best experience you’ve ever had with a professional plumbing service? We’d love to hear about it!

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