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When A Seasonal Storm Knocks Out Your Power, A Standby Generator Keeps You Up and Running

North Carolina certainly has its share of severe weather. Sometimes it seems like our four seasons are tornado season, the summer thunderstorm season, hurricane season, and winter. Such storms can cause many kinds of damage, but the one type of damage that probably affects the most people, and has the most wide-spread impact, is electrical blackouts. Even a small storm that knocks over a single tree can snap lines that provide power to thousands of North Carolina homes. When a large storm multiplies that problem, it can be days before power is restored to every home.

During that time, you are left without air conditioning, refrigeration, communications, security systems, sump pumps–pretty much everything that makes modern life possible. And blackouts are becoming more frequent than ever, thanks to our now-antiquated electric utility infrastructure and the number of storms we have seen across the country this year. Because of this, many North Carolina homeowners have found it is wise to plan ahead and have a standby generator installed.

You may not be familiar with standby generators, but you have probably seen them around. Most people do not notice them, because they do not draw attention to themselves: once installed, they do their jobs automatically and can easily be forgotten. You will notice them when the next storm hits, though, and only those houses with standby generators are left functioning.

Unlike portable generators, standby models supply power directly to a home’s electrical circuits and turn themselves on as soon as the regular electrical service goes down. That way, you don’t have to venture out in the storm, and can stay safe inside your brightly-lit house. Standby generators are usually powered by the natural gas or propane line, so they can run indefinitely without needing to be refueled. And, they are quiet, precise machines that can provide the steady voltage and frequency required by many home electrical appliances.

To learn more about standby generators, and find out which options would work best for your Fayetteville-area home, contact us at Blanton’s Heating & A/C. We are happy to answer your questions.

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