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Why Energy Star’s ‘Most Efficient’ Label Is Worth Noting

When shopping for new heating or cooling equipment, we can all use a little help. Looking for products with the Energy Star’s Most Efficient label is the perfect way to ensure that you reap the savings you deserve when making an important home-comfort investment. If you have questions concerning this new Most Efficient program, we have answers.

Was there a need for a new program?

Resoundingly, yes! While the original Energy Star program has helped consumers with their shopping for more than two decades, just look at these facts:

  • Energy-efficiency technology has advanced by leaps and bounds.
  • Because of these advances, it’s getting more difficult to find an appliance without the Energy Star.
  • Manufacturers determine which of their models have earned the Energy Star.

What does Energy Star’s Most Efficient label represent?

The goal of Energy Star’s Most Efficient label is to help consumers identify the most energy-efficient products in a number of categories, ranging from heating and cooling equipment to ceiling fans and televisions. Established in 2011 as a pilot project, the program has since become more comprehensive. Additionally, the way the label is awarded is different from the way the Energy Star is awarded. A manufacturer can give its own product the Energy Star if it meets the criteria. Only Energy Star itself can give the Most Efficient label to a product.

What kind of new criteria does this new program entail?

Stricter energy-efficiency criteria are at the forefront of Energy Star’s Most Efficient label. For example, a gas-fueled furnace must have an annual fuel utilization efficiency rating of at least 97 percent to qualify for the Most Efficient label. For a full run-down of the criteria, plus a list of the products that meet them, go to the Energy Star website.

Have questions about energy-efficient home-comfort systems? Don’t hesitate to contact the experts at Blanton’s Heating & A/C. We have been serving the HVAC needs of Fayetteville-area homeowners since 1951.

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