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Sink & Faucet Services in Fayetteville & the Triangle

When you need professional installation of new sinks or faucets in your home, call the Blanton’s Air, Plumbing & Electric team. Our expert technicians can handle the installation of these fixtures in kitchens, bathrooms, mudrooms, and more to ensure that your spaces are functional and your plumbing is top-notch.

With more than 70 years of experience, we’re committed to providing residents in Fayetteville, the Triangle, and surrounding NC areas with superior workmanship and exceptional customer service for your next project, big or small!

To schedule superior sink or faucet services, call us in Fayetteville at (910) 822-2866 or the Triangle at (919) 298-2105.

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Top-Rated Sink & Faucet Installation

Ensuring that your new sink or faucet is installed correctly is essential to any bathroom or kitchen project. That’s why we ensure that your countertops, walls, and cabinetry are protected and that your new fixtures are leak-free. We’ll even remove your old sink or faucet to save you the hassle!

Signs It’s Time To Upgrade Your Sink & Faucet

  • Physical damage: Cracks in sinks or broken components of faucets are all signs that it’s time for an upgrade.
  • Leaks: Puddles on the floor or a constant drip from your faucet means wasted water and potential damage to your home.
  • Rust and stains: Over time, these corroded areas can become more and more challenging to clean and more prone to collecting bacteria.
  • Dated style: If you’re remodeling your kitchen or bathroom, an older sink or faucet may look out of place.
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Sink & Faucet Types

Selecting the right sink and faucet style is necessary to compliment the aesthetic of your home and space. There is a wide variety, including drop-in and undermount sinks and single- or double-basin options. Other styles include:

  • Farmhouse
  • Drainboard
  • Pedestal
  • Vessel

There are equally as many options when it comes to selecting a faucet. Aside from an extensive range of finishes, there is a wide range of styles that tend to fall into four main categories:

  • Ball faucets: These single-handle faucets have a slotted metal ball that controls flow and temperature and are ideal for kitchen spaces
  • Cartridge faucets: With two handles, these faucets have a plastic or brass cylinder that controls water flow
  • Compression faucets: The flow of water in these faucets is controlled by a washer that is compressed to turn the water off and released to turn the water on
  • Disk faucets: By moving the handle from right to left, you can adjust the water temperature in these faucets by changing the combination of hot and cold water in the mixing chamber

To discuss which sink or faucet type is best for your next project, schedule a consultation with our experts!

Why Choose Blanton’s?

Since 1951, Blanton’s Air, Plumbing & Electric has been striving to provide outstanding service and do right by our customers. Our technicians always have a can-do, positive attitude and work to better themselves and the team. We believe in going above and beyond for our customers to ensure they’re highly satisfied! That’s what we call “wow service!”

For outstanding sink and faucet installation, call Blanton’s at (910) 822-2866 in Fayetteville or the Triangle at (919) 298-2105.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I DIY my sink or faucet installation?

It’s best to leave these plumbing projects to the professionals. When incorrectly installed, they can damage your plumbing or the surrounding areas, leading to expensive repairs.

What is the difference between a drop-in and undermount sink?

These sinks are installed differently. A drop-in sink has a lip that rests your counters, while an undermount sink is installed from below and sits below the edge of your countertop. Other mounted types include wall-mounted sinks and vessel sinks that sit on top of your counters.

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