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4 Cost-Saving Opportunities Packed into Our Comfort Club Membership

Do you like to save money? We do, too! That’s why we’ve packed a ton of them into our Comfort Club.

But we know you’re a smart homeowner; just because we tell you that there are a bunch of savings for members of our Comfort Club, that doesn’t mean you just take our word for it. So let’s break down exactly which savings we’re talking about, and where they come from.

1. Energy Saving Inspections

What’s the one way to keep your energy costs low without investing in a costly upgrade? Regularly scheduled inspections! You will see big-time energy savings, which are always a cool deal, simply by having the efficiency of your HVAC system optimized. Regularly scheduled inspections, checking a minimum of 51 points, are part of Blanton’s Comfort Club, and they will keep your system running more efficiently, thus saving you money.

2. Preventative Care to Stop Small Problems

With HVAC systems, small problems can escalate into big ones quickly. Ignoring a funny sound or quirk that your heater or air conditioner has can mean colossal repair bills in the future when a major component goes out. That’s why we’ve built preventative care into our Comfort Club.

When we come to your home for your inspections, we will also look for small problems, like loose bolts or worn belts, that can turn into big ones. We will repair those small problems, which cost little to repair, and prevent them from turning into big problems. The end result is more money in your pocket.

3. Members-Only Discounts

Do you need service after hours? Are you looking for help on the weekends? If you are a Blanton’s Comfort Club member, you won’t pay extra for these services. We treat our members like family, and we will be there to serve your needs no matter the hour. Unless it’s a holiday, you will pay the same as normal business hours whenever you call.

That’s just the beginning. We also offer one-year inflation protection and $10 diagnostics discounts for our Just Dandy basic membership. Upgrade to the Pretty Nifty package and you get $15 savings. Really Swell member save $20 and get a $50 loyalty credit on purchases. These are just a few examples of the savings built into these programs.

4. Exceptional No Worries Savings

In addition to the savings built into every level of the Comfort Club, members who join the No Worries Club, which is available to customer who purchase and install new HVAC systems through us, enjoy exclusive discounts. We offer free refrigerants; charge no diagnostic, labor, or after-hours fees; and slap a 10-year warranty on everything for No Worries members.

At Blanton’s Heating and Air, we don’t mess around when it comes to savings claims. We know how important it is for you to stay in your budget, and we are dedicated to doing everything we can to save you money every step of the way when it comes to your heating and cooling system. Learn more about our Blanton’s Comfort Club and choose the level that will best meet your needs today!

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