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5 Common Pollutants Plaguing Carolina’s Homes

In North Carolina, you have many “air” concerns. From big city pollutants to small town concerns like pollen and allergens to problems that occur everywhere like mold and mildew — there are plenty of things that can plague the air in your home. Luckily, it is now possible to identify these issues so you can treat them and protect yourself, your family and/or your co-workers.

An air quality test, like the AirAdvice for Homes Air Quality Check is one way to identify these issues. Before you spend another day breathing your air without some idea of what you could get along with the oxygen, read up on some of the common air pollutants in North Carolina.

1. Pollen

Pollen is in the air throughout the year, but it is at its worst in spring and fall. Even if you never open your windows, it can get in through the front door and HVAC system. Pollen can lead to significant problems with allergies and asthma.

2. Mold and Mildew

Mold and mildew is especially tricky because there are so many different types. It is important to get these issues under control, because certain types can lead to serious health issues.

3. Dust and Pet Dander

If you have pets, you know pet dander comes with the territory. However, dust can occur anywhere. Too much of either of these can make allergies worse or cause asthma to spiral out of control.

4. Asbestos

You may think that just because you are in a newer building that there is no risk of asbestos. While it is most common in older places, asbestos can be found in very unexpected spots. Testing for this can prevent serious health problems.

5. Radon and Other Gases

Some of the most dangerous air-related issues are radon and other gases. Luckily, you can test for these substances very easily and then put together a plan for treating these issues – protecting your family or co-workers.

Now that you understand what types of pollutants plague the air in North Carolina, perhaps you’d like to learn more about those that may be in your home. Call Blanton’s Heating and Air today and let us conduct our AirAdvice for Homes Air Quality Check. We can help you identify the problems and put together a plan to conquer these issues before they have a chance to cause serious problems.

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